How do I fix my PS4 not reading discs?

PS4 disc troubleshooting

  1. Clean the disc with a soft clean cloth to remove any dirt or prints.
  2. Try inserting another game, Blu-Ray disc, or DVD. The PS4™ console does not play burned discs or audio CDs.

Why is my disc drive on my PS4 not working?

The disc drive mechanism itself may be broken, the disc sensor or eject button may be broken, or there may be a bug or corruption in the firmware that prevents the system from accepting, reading, or ejecting discs, or any combination of those problems.

Can I run Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture?

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a narrative-driven exploration game to enjoy at your own leisure. Some players are finding it a bit too leisurely, however, since the PlayStation 4 exclusive has a fairly slow walking speed and no apparent option to run. Except you can run.

Why won’t my PS4 let me play games?

Power down your console, unplug all cords, and hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Then, let it sit for at least two minutes before reattaching all the cables and powering on your system. Reinstall: Even physical games are installed on your console. Eject the game, and navigate to its on-screen icon.

How do you fix a corrupted PS4 disc?

How to Fix Corrupted Data on PS4

  1. Delete the game and reinstall it.
  2. Delete corrupted downloads.
  3. Clean the game disc.
  4. Update the software.
  5. Restore your PS4 software licenses.
  6. Start the PS4 in safe mode and rebuild the database.
  7. Initialize your PS4.
  8. Hard reset your PS4.

How long to complete Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 182 4h 30m
Main + Extras 117 6h
Completionists 61 9h
All PlayStyles 360 5h 14m

How do you walk fast in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture?

First, the good news: yes, you can sprint in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Simply hold R2 and over a few seconds, your walk will build into a sprint.

How do you fix a broken PS4 disc?

5 Ways To Fix A Scratched Video Game Disc

  1. Rubbing Alcohol Method: Get a lint free non scratching cloth.
  2. Toothpaste Method: Use a small dab of the gritty type of toothpaste.
  3. Banana Method: Use a banana that is peeled and cut in half.
  4. Skip Scratch Fixer Method:
  5. Petroleum Jelly Method:

What is PS4 white light of death?

The PS4 white light of death indicates that there’s some problem associated with HDMI or there’s some connection error. Connection error simply means that your PS4 is not connected to the TV due to issues varying from poor HDMI port connection to blown up a chip in it.

When did everybody’s gone to the Rapture come out?

It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released for the PlayStation 4 on 11 August 2015. It was released for Windows on 14 April 2016. In Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the player explores a small English village whose inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared.

Where is the piano in Everybody’s gone to the Rapture?

First go into the open room on the right and you’ll trigger a story event. After listening to that, you should see a TV in the corner that you should turn on. Next, open the door next to the front door at the bottom of the stairs (there will be a piano in the room).

Do you have to listen to all the dialogue in Everybody gone to the Rapture?

– Technically speaking, you do not need to actually listen to all of the dialogue once you activate something; you really can just walk away and it will count.

What should I do if my PS4 disc is not reading?

Try rubbing down dirt or dust from the surface of the disc using a clean, soft cloth. If you have a microfiber cloth, we suggest that you use that instead.