How do I fix code p1132?

Some of the possible repairs are:

  1. Repair air leaks at MAF sensor mounting.
  2. Repair or replace connected hoses or valves on EGR system.
  3. Repair or replace connected hoses or valves on PCV system.
  4. Replace damaged HO2S and /or connectors.
  5. Repair or replace damaged vacuum leaks.

How do I fix code P0153?

What repairs can fix the P0153 code?

  1. Repairing broken or bare wires going to the oxygen sensor.
  2. Repairing leaks in the exhaust.
  3. Repairing vacuum leaks.
  4. Replacing the oxygen sensor (bank 2 sensor 1)

What does lack of H02S21 mean?

P1151 – Lack of H02S21 Switch – Sensor Indicates Lean. Fuel Injectors Malfunction. 0xygen Sensor Failure. Exhaust Leak. EGR Failure.

Which side is Bank 2 on a Ford?

The bank 2 sensor 2 is on your right when facing the truck from the front or drivers side. The sensor is in the exhaust after the catalyst. The bank 2 sensor 1 is just below the exhaust manifold before any catalyst.

What does P1151 code mean?

heated exhaust oxygen sensor
What Is a Ford Trouble Code P1151? This trouble code is signaled by your heated exhaust oxygen sensor, or HO2S. This sensor is used to test the amount of oxygen to ensure an accurate air/fuel ratio. A failed test means there isn’t enough air mixing with your fuel. This could be the result of improper air intake.

What can cause a P0175 code?

A faulty fuel injector is the most common cause of a P0175 code. As it fails, the injector will leak and push too much fuel into the engine. A leak in the fuel lines can make it appear as if the injectors are not doing their jobs.

What does code P1151 mean?

What can cause a P0153 code?

The following issues can cause the PCM to set a P0153 code: Bad or failing oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor circuit problems (e.g., damaged wires or poor connections) A rich or lean running engine.

What is P1131 engine code?

Trouble code P1131 means that the powertrain control module has detected a lean condition for engine bank No. 1. Code P1131 can be caused by a vacuum leak, fuel injector problem, ignition problem or by a faulty oxygen sensor.

What is a catalytic converter Bank 2?

Within the converter is the catalyst which promotes a chemical reaction that oxidizes the CO and HC within the exhaust gas. This process is monitored using Bank 2, which is located inside of the exhaust stream at the three-way catalytic converter.

What side is Bank 2 on a 2007 Ford Expedition?

Item fits all Expedition models with 5.4L V8 engine from 2007 through to 2013 for the left side or bank 2. Direct fit unit ensures proper fitment and easy exchange with OEM unit.

How do I fix my fuel system too lean?

What repairs can fix the P0171 code?

  1. Replacing the fuel pump.
  2. Replacing the fuel filter.
  3. Replacing the fuel pressure regulator.
  4. Replacing the powertrain control module.
  5. Replacing one or more injectors.
  6. Replacing one or more oxygen sensors.
  7. Replacing the mass air flow sensor.
  8. Repairing a vacuum leak.