How do I evolve Eevee into Sylveon?

Eevee can be evolved into Sylveon by earning 70 Buddy hearts (Great Buddy level) and feeding it 25 Eevee Candy.

Will there be a 9th Eevee evolution?

Despite there already being 8 different Eeveelutions, there’s lots of untapped potential regarding new Pokemon types to use for a new Eevee evolution. Eevee currently doesn’t have any evolutions for 9 different types: Fighting.

How do you evolve Sylveon in Pokemon 2021?

Normally the evolution method to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO requires you to earn hearts via Buddy interactions. You make an Eevee your buddy and do things like feed it, take pictures with it, battle with it, and visit new places together to accrue hearts. When you have a total of 70, you can evolve it.

What is Sylveon nickname Pokemon go?

Pokémon Go Eevee evolution names

Eevee Evolution Name/Nickname
Eevee Evolution Name/Nickname
Leafeon Linnea
Glaceon Rea
Sylveon Kira

Is there a ghost type Eevee?

So far, they have done up a few, but this Ghost-type evolution called Omeon is as scary as it is adorable. The Eevee evolution shares a similar body to Umbreon and is colored black for the most part. However, Omeon has white accent stripes on their ribs and paws.

How do you evolve Kira?

For those that don’t know how this works, players must capture an Eevee and the 25 candies you need to evolve it. Then, nickname your little Pokémon “Kira”, and you should see a silhouette appear underneath the standard “evolve” button. Tap that, and you’re guaranteed to get a Sylveon.

What can I rename Eevee to get Sylveon?

How To Rename Eevee To Evolve Into Sylveon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, And Flareon

  • Rename “Kira” to evolve into Fairy-type Sylveon.
  • Rename “Linnea” to evolve into Grass-type Leafeon.
  • Rename “Rea” to evolve into Ice-type Glaceon.
  • Rename “Sakura” to evolve into Psychic-type Espeon.

Does the name trick work on Shiny Eevee?

Unfortunately, this trick only works once per account. That means that players who used it already can not take advantage of it again for our shiny Eevee. If players want a shiny version of Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon and have already used the name trick; unfortunately it’s down to luck of the draw.

Is there a poison type Eevee?

Their series began with fan art of a Fighting-type Eevee called Champeon, and for the sixth entry, PTickles has introduced the world to a potential Poison-type evolution called Scorpeon.

What is the best type of Eevee?

Vaporeon is easily the most blessed of the Eevee evolutions in Pokemon. While Grass and Electric weaknesses can be a drag, it could be much worst. Its resistances happen to make it viable against some strong opposition.

What’s the best Eeveelution?

1) Glaceon. Move over Vaporeon, Eevee finally learned how to switch from water to ice with the development of Glaceon, the Ice-type evolution. 2) Flareon. Flareon is a Fire type Pokemon (if you couldn’t tell by the name or its appearance), which gives it only a few weaknesses – Ground, Rock, and Water 3) Leafeon. 4) Jolteon. 5) Umbreon. 6) Espeon. 7) Vaporeon. 8) Sylveon.

How do you rename Eevee?

Rename Eevee. The first step is to open the menu and select the Eevee that you plan to evolve (probably the one with the highest CP). Click the edit button next to Eevee’s name and change it to the appropriate nickname… Be sure to match the name character for character and capitalize the first letter.