How do I download smite Pts?


  1. Download the Public Test Installer. This will download a new PTS version of SMITE and create a desktop icon labeled “SMITE PUBLIC TEST”.
  2. Install any pre-requisites for the game.
  3. Launch the PTS client using the SMITE Public Test icon created upon installation.
  4. Enjoy!

Where do you get pts in smite?

Note: As of January 2019, PTS can only be downloaded via the SMITE Steam Client.

Will smite Pts be on console?

PTS is LIVE NOW on PC, Xbox, & PlayStation. Get PC details or grab your console key below!

How do I download a steam test server?

All you have to do is go to the Smite primary store page, download the game for free, and make sure it’s on your main account. Once you have that download associated with your account, you should have access to the public test server, but you still need to download it. You have to find it in your Steam library.

What does pts mean in smite?

Public test server, it’s where they release the upcoming patches for people to test them, so they can make appropriate changes for when it hits live.

Will there be a Smite 2?

Smite 2 & Unreal Engine 4 Apparently, the only mentions with smite2 usually have a 2022 date in the name such as conquest2022 and some other mentions to a few events. The roadmap suggests a road from Mid 2021 to Winter 2022 where it will be revealed the “last god”.

Is Smite pay to win?

It’s totally free. “Smite” is free-to-play without being pay-to-win, as it offers five gods that are always free, one for each class, and five gods that rotate every month. After a reasonable amount of playtime, one can easily earn enough to buy any god they wish.

How do I get swtor pts on steam?

Log into….Public Test Server:

  1. Click the “Download” button at the top of this page!
  2. Click “Play”
  3. In order to access the PTS, your Steam and SWTOR accounts need to be linked. To do that, launch the game via Steam and sign in with your credentials. Following that your two accounts will then be linked!

What does public test mean?

The Public Test is one of the final phases of testing any updated game features. The results of all the tests allow the developers to maintain the highest possible quality of the game on the live servers.

How is smite doing 2021?

In August 2021, between 13,000 and 24,000 people played Smite on Steam. The game is obviously most popular on console, because Smite PC players use Steam as a platform and the numbers are not impressive. In August 2021, an average of 13,500 people played Smite concurrently on Steam with a peak of 24,000.

How to install the PTS version of Smite?

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLING SMITE PTS. To install the PTS for SMITE, simply follow these steps: 1. Download the Public Test Installer. This will download a new PTS version of SMITE and create a desktop icon labeled “SMITE PUBLIC TEST”. (Click here to download.) 2. Install any pre-requisites for the game.

Is there a public test server for smite?

SMITE’s public test server, more commonly known as the PTS, is now downloadable through Steam. The new Steam presence falls in line with Hi-Rez’s vow to increase the visibility of SMITE’s PTS. On the PTS, players are able to test new content for bugs and other issues before it makes its way to SMITE’s main servers.

How big of a hard drive do I need for smite?

You want to make sure you can see all of your games. After you’ve done that, scroll down to the Smite tab, and right under it, you should be able to see a game called Smite – Public Test. This download requires at least 22.78 GB of free space on your hard drive.

Do you have to download pts on your regular client?

Even if you’ve been playing a new patch on PTS, you’ll still need to download that patch in your regular client when the “real” patch is delivered. Occassionally, only practice queues will be available in PTS. Queues have a limited availability for two reasons: The PTS server capacity isn’t significant enough to run a lot of matches at once.