How do I claim sky refer a friend?

To be eligible for a voucher, the new customer needs to subscribe to a Sky TV package, or one that includes Sky TV. As long as your friend uses the unique code you have sent them and completes the order, you’ll receive your reward within 15 days of when they go active and their services are installed.

How do I use a sky referral code?

The code will be automatically applied when you complete your order. If you were provided with a referral code, head to the Sky Packages page and select the TV or TV & Broadband package of your choice, then enter the code during checkout.

How long does Sky friends and family last?

Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk are each on an 18 month contract.

How do I enter my Sky promo code?

How do I use an offer code on the Sky Store? Use your Sky offer by adding the Buy & Keep titles you want then go to Add Offer Code on the Order Summary page before you buy. You’ll need to enter your Sky offer code online before you buy.

How much do you get for recommending a friend to Sky?

Once you’ve joined Sky, you can access their refer a friend program. Here you enter your friend of families email address and the will then receive your personal voucher code. When they are signing up to Sky they must enter your code when prompted. Once signed up you will both receive £100 cashback.

What is a Sky VIP customer?

Sky VIP is your free loyalty programme – a way for us to say thanks for being with us. We’re always adding new and exciting gifts and experiences for you to choose from – all ready and waiting in the My Sky app for you to select at the tap of a button.

How do I use a Sky paper voucher?

You have to redeem and use the voucher online. If you use it through the sky store on your tv/sky box it charges your sky bill account. Just to confirm for you, use the voucher on the online sky store.

How do I get Sky VIP on box?

Go to the Sky VIP section of the My Sky app, join Sky VIP and accept the terms and conditions. We will then email you with the full instructions. b. Follow the instructions in the email to redeem your reward on either your Sky box or the Sky Store website.

Is there a freephone number for Sky?

Call 0333 7591 018 Calls to Sky contact centres are inclusive for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers.

How do I get free cable TV UK?

There are several ways to watch the free, over-the-air channels – online via the internet, with the Freeview service, the YouView service, or the Freesat service….Some of the free content available online:

  1. BBC iPlayer.
  2. ITV Hub.
  3. Channel 4 Catch-up.
  4. My5.

How to refer a friend to Sky TV?

How To Refer a Friend to Sky Visit the Sky refer a friend page on My Sky and log in with your user credentials. Here you can find or share your unique referral code with friends and family, as well as track the sign-up progress of… Once your newly invited friend’s Sky TV subscription is up and

How can I track the use of my Sky codes?

Once you’ve claimed a code and sent on to your friend you can track if the email has been opened, or if the code has been used to book. Sky staff will also sometimes get extra codes in the post. These will show on your ‘My Codes’ table as ‘Manual offer code’. How do I get my rewards?

How to query Sky friends and family rewards?

-If you want to query the rewards you have earned and, it is after the time a reward should have been sent, you must email us on [email protected] with your issue. Please note we will only investigate queries up to 6 months from the offer end date.

How do I Change my Sky friends and family password?

Follow the ‘Forgotten password?’ link to to send yourself a one time login link so that you can change your password. If you are still unable to log in successfully please follow the Help and Support link. Is there a minimum contract length for the package?