How do I check my Airtel internet balance?

How to check Airtel data balance via USSD Code?

  1. Dial *123# to check the calling balance and validity of your Airtel mobile number.
  2. Dial *121# and enter 5 in order to check Airtel 3G/4g net balance using airtel codes.

How do I check Vodafone balance?

  1. Vodafone account balance. Dial *199*2# to know your Vodafone account balance.
  2. Vodafone special offers. If you want information about Vodafone special offers, dial *121#
  3. Data balance. If you want to check your data balance, dial *111*6*2#
  4. Vodafone delights.
  5. Hello tunes.
  6. Download My Vodafone app.

What is Airtel balance check number?

Here are the steps to check Airtel balance: To check Airtel main balance, dial *123# and you will get the balance information in a moment. For checking Airtel net balance, you can dial *123*10# When you dial *121#, you will get the details about the various offers given away by the Airtel network.

How do I check my Airtel airtime balance?

To check your Airtel credit balance simply dial *123# on your mobile device then wait for an instant reply from Airtel revealing your airtime balance. To check for Airtel credit bonus on your Airtel line, simply dial *123*1# and wait for an instant message from the network provider.

How can I check my data balance?

You can see your balance and data related info under the Account Overview tab. Further recharge can be done from the browse packs section. Last is the old USSD method in which you need to dial *121#. The USSD when run will show several options like my offers, talktime offers, data offers and more.

How can I check my Airtel 12gb data balance?

*121# – This code allows Airtel 3G and Airtel 4G customers to use to check how much data balance is available on their phone.

What is Vodafone main balance?

*199*2*1# – This USSD code can be used to check the main balance for your Vodafone Idea number. The code also gives you full information about all balances and validity of your number. *121# – You can also use this code to check for the main balance by using this code.

How can I check my Vodafone balance validity?

To know your Vodafone prepaid account validity and other details about your account, dial *111# from your prepaid number.

How can I check my SIM balance?

How can I check my account balance?

  1. Type *125# and press dial. The balance should reflect on the screen.
  2. SMS BALANCE to 1250.
  3. Dial 1250. Follow the instructions to know your balance.

How do I check my Airtel bundle?

*544*3# – this USSD code can be used to check Airtel data balance for all plans. This method can also be used to check your redeemed data bundles from Airtel.

How do I check my Airtel subscription?

If you to make the airtel data balance check code on Android, then try to dial *223# for your subscription data balance.

How do I check my mobile data?

How to find out how much data you’ve used on Android

  1. Go to the Settings app on your phone and scroll down until you see a menu called Data Usage or Data.
  2. In the Data menu it will show you how much data you’ve used since a certain date.

How can I Check my Airtel Data balance?

If you want to Check for Free 2G Data Balance, then dial *123*10# or *123*#. And dial from your airtel card to *123*11# for Check for 3G Data Balance. An easy way to Check for Airtel 4G Balance is just type *121*8# and dial with airtel network. Dial *123*197# for Airtel Night Data Balance.

How to check Airtel balance via Jio app?

Method 2: Airtel Balance Check Via Jio App 1 Download Airtel app from google play store. 2 Register or if already registered sign in with your airtel sim. 3 You will see Airtel balance and validity on home-page of airtel app More

How to check Airtel recharge history or transactions?

How to Check Airtel Recharge History or Transactions Dial *121*7# then press type 2 for Last 5 recharge details How to Take Loan and Advance in Airtel Dial *141# and then type 2 and send.

What are the terms of Airtel Data loan?

Terms & Conditions for Airtel Data Loan : 1 Your Mobile data must be is less than 10MB. 2 Airtel Prepaid Sim should be atleast 90 Days Old. 3 80 MB 3G data is valid for only 2 Days, after that it will get expired. 4 After 2 Days you will be charged Rs 27 from your Account for 80MB data.