How do I change my bridge officer?

To change the appearance of the officer, simply press the “change uniform” tab and make the desired changes to the physical appearance as well as the clothing. The first rename and appearance change to any new BOff is free, however all future changes will cost the player EC at the tailors.

How do you get Boffs in STO?

You can get new candidates at any time through purchasing (vendors, exchange), or at set levels (clicking the far left of the XP bar where it displays rank should bring up a roadmap of what unlocks when, at least on PC – otherwise the wiki has a full list).

How do you get duty officers in Star Trek Online?

RECRUIT MORE DUTY OFFICERS First, as mentioned above, each tier of a commendation gives you a free duty officer, but also unlocks others. You can buy them with dilithium. At Starfleet Academy and the Klingon Academy there are NPCs which have recruitment assignments you can use them to get free duty officers.

Can you play as the Borg in Star Trek Online?

Playability: Lifetime subscribers of Star Trek Online can create Human, Klingon or Romulan Liberated Borg characters for Starfleet, the KDF, and the Romulan Republic, respectively. All three factions can also recruit Liberated Borg bridge officers, as well as duty officers.

What is a bridge officer?

A bridge officer was an officer whose station or main duties took place on the bridge of a starship. A group of bridge officers were collectively known as the bridge staff. In 2366, Picard ordered Riker to “assemble the bridge staff for a mission briefing in fifteen minutes.” ( TNG: “Tin Man”)

How do you make Boff?

You can find them in “Crew Stations” under “Skills” on the Ship & Crew page, then go to Starship Stations and select “Change Ability” for that boff. If you have the training manual for the ability you want, you’ll see that it is available to unlock here. Select that and hit OK.

Where can I buy duty officers?

They can be found in the following locations:

  • Lieutenant Ferra at Starfleet Academy.
  • Lieutenant S’stas at Klingon Academy.
  • Centurion Velaar at New Romulus Command.

Where is the duty officer in Romulan?

Romulan players can get access to Duty Officers by conducting recruitment assignments offered by the Duty Officer Recruitment contact located at New Romulus Command. Bridge Officers are recruited a number of ways, such as through New Romulus Command when players level up.

How did Starfleet defeat the Borg?

Locutus’ distinctive Borg feature was a single, red-laser ocular implant. On Stardate 43997, Locutus lead the Borg into the battle of Wolf 359. The crew of the Enterprise-D eventually managed to sever Locutus from the Borg Collective, save Picard, and ultimately defeat the Borg.

Does faction matter in Star Trek Online?

For most players, your best bet is to choose the faction which has what you think are the coolest ships. Casual players are unlikely to see a huge difference regardless of your preferred faction. If you love the ship design from the early days of Star Trek, then TOS Starfleet is your best bet.

How do you get training manuals in STO?

It can be accessed from the Event Reputation store or from the Ferengi NPC during the Q’s Winter Wonderland. Risian Vendor contains unique ground training manuals. It can be accessed from the Event Reputation store or from the Risian NPC during the Lohlunat Festival.

Where do you get a bridge officer in Star Trek?

Bridge Officer Candidates are primarily available from a requisition officer, such as Elsa Mora at Earth Spacedock, V’Qlar in First City, or Teelis on the Romulan Flotilla. New candidates may be purchased using Dilithium, and once acquired, are available to be commissioned.

Where do you get a special bridge officer?

Many special bridge officers officers cannot be customized at the Tailor. These bridge officers are acquired through completion of each faction’s tutorial and early storyline missions.

What happens when you become a bridge officer?

As a bridge officer is trained in additional abilities the Expertise Points required to learn a new ability will increase. With the new system in place a bridge officer will be able to learn all available abilities for his Class (Tactical, Engineering or Science) and also any abilities for his Specialization.

Where can I get a training manual for bridge officer?

Any ability that was previously trainable will have a Training Manual available for purchase. The other method in which players can obtain Training Manuals for the higher ranked abilities is to craft them in the new Officer Training crafting school.