How did Casey Braxton die?

Younes was not aware of what Casey’s exit storyline would be, but hoped it would not be dull. Younes filmed his final scenes in May 2014. Casey departed on 16 September, after he was shot dead by Jake Pirovic while trying to save his kidnapped half-brother Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher).

What is Casey Braxton real name?

Lincoln YounesHome and Away
Casey Braxton/Played by

Lincoln Younes (born 31 January 1992) is an Australian actor, perhaps best known for his roles as Romeo Kovac in Tangle and Casey Braxton in the long-running soap Home and Away (2011-2014). He has also appeared in Hiding and Love Child as Chris Vesty.

Who died out of the Braxton brothers?

Lauren Braxton died in on April 29 at age 24. She was the daughter of Michael Braxton, the only brother of the R&B star and her four sisters, who appear on the BET reality series “Braxton Family Values.”

How old is Lincoln Younes?

29 years (January 31, 1992)
Lincoln Younes/Age

What happened to Brax?

Also known as Brax Attacks, Baker was a rapper and singer who left Virginia for Atlanta. In November, she died in her sleep of a cardiac arrhythmia, according to medical examiners. She was 21.

Is Kyle Braxton in jail?

Laura Morgan of All About Soap has labelled Kyle the show’s “crazy bad boy”. Westaway decided to leave the show after almost four years and Kyle was sent to prison for armed robbery. His exit scenes aired on 21 April 2016….

Kyle Braxton
Occupation Restaurant co-owner Gym co-owner
Home Prison

Who was Casey Braxton girlfriend?

Casey Braxton
Gender Male
Relationships Ruby Buckton (ex-girlfriend) Summer Horgan-Jones (kissed), Henrietta Brown (ex-girlfriend) Sasha Bezmel (ex-girlfriend) Tamara Kingsley (ex-girlfriend) Linda Somerset (ex-fling) Denny Miller (girlfriend, soulmate, deceased)

What niece died in the Braxton family?

In April 2019, Toni Braxton’s niece, Lauren Braxton, who was the daughter of Toni’s younger brother Michael Conrad Braxton Jr., died at the age of 24. At the time, Michael told TMZ it was related to a heart condition, but the medical examiner later released a conflicting report of what led to her death.

Why did Kyle go to jail?

Kyle developed a vendetta against his half-brothers and when Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) kills Danny, Kyle kidnaps Casey and leaves him for dead in the Australian desert. Westaway decided to leave the show after almost four years and Kyle was sent to prison for armed robbery. His exit scenes aired on 21 April 2016.

How old was Lincoln Younes in home and away?

What is Lincoln Younes doing now?

Since August last year, Lincoln has been filming the role of hunky jackaroo Tom for season five of Nine Network drama, Doctor Doctor.

Does brax still play CS go?

brax retired from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on February 28, 2020, following a Twitter post in which he expressed his desire to continue his professional gaming career in Riot Games’ upcoming tactical shooter VALORANT.

Who is the real father of Casey Braxton?

Casey Braxton was born in 23rd January 1994 or 23rd January 1995, the third son of Cheryl Braxton who had an extra marital relationship with familiy friend Johnny Barrett while married to Danny Braxton. Johnny was Casey’s natural father. Danny thought he was Casey’s father.

Who is Casey Braxton in home and away?

Casey Braxton was a character in Home And Away who first appeared in Ep 5234 (17 Feb 2011) and last appeared in Episode 6052 (16 Sep 2014). He is the brother of Darryl Braxton and Heath Braxton who make up the trio called The River Boys, who dabble in crime.

Who is the youngest of the Braxton brothers?

Casey is the youngest of the Braxton brothers. The Daily Telegraph said that Casey is trying to break out of the River Boys mould and that he was kicked out of his last high school. Casey is described as being a “modern day Rebel Without a Cause .”

Why did Casey Braxton go to juvenile detention?

The storyline consists of Casey succumbing to the bad reputation of the River Boys when he commits an arson attack against an adversary of the Braxton’s. Casey was sentenced to time in juvenile detention and was given early release upon his return to the series.