How can you tell fake Vilebrequin?

For Vilebrequin, the identifiable sign is a visible blue label with the name in white stitched onto the back at the waistband.

Does Vilebrequin run small?

Vilbrequin vacation clothing generally fits true to size. The brand advises that for a more comfortable fit, you should choose a size up from your usual size and for a more snug fit, choose a size down. Scroll down for our complete Vilebrequin sizing guide, to find the perfect fit for your perfect seaside getaway.

Where is Vilebrequin based?

Vilebrequin is a French luxury brand specializing in swimwear and ready-to-wear for men and women….Vilebrequin.

Industry Retail
Founded Saint Tropez, France 1971
Founder Fred Prysquel
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Key people Fred Prysquel Loïc Berthet Roland Herlory

How do you wash Vilebrequin?

Rinse your Swimwear with fresh water after each use. When you wash your Swimwear, use a machine rather than doing it by hand, choose a delicate cycle at 30°C with a mild detergent and wash it with similar colors. Do not use oxygenated or chlorine based bleach/ stain removers, your swim Shorts won’t appreciate it.

Why is Vilebrequin so expensive?

Vilebrequin’s eye-watering prices come from the European provenance of the polyamide fabrics, sourced in Italy, woven in France and resilient against sun, salt and chlorine. They’re just the right thickness to drape consistently whether wet or dry and the waist elastic is of the highest grade.

Where are Vilebrequin swimsuits made?

Our fabric is of French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese origin. All of our fabrics are printed in France and Italy. Our products are then assembled in various locations across Europe, Morocco or Tunisia. Our embroidered series are produced in France and Italy.

Why vilebrequin is so expensive?

Vilebrequin Bikini Bottoms Vilebrequin bikini tops and bottoms are sold individually, with each piece being more expensive than a regular-priced two piece set combined. That being said, you’re paying for high quality material and unique designs.

What is so special about vilebrequin?

The Material: All of Vilebrequin’s trunks are made from a special high-density polyamide, which is more tear-resistant than polyester but dries just as fast. Once that process is finished, the weaver treats the fabric to break down its fibers just enough so that it feels very, very soft against your skin.

Is vilebrequin made in Bulgaria?

Our products are made in Europe, Morocco and Tunisia. Our special edition designs are made and embroidered in France and Italy.

Is Vilebrequin made in Bulgaria?

What is so special about Vilebrequin?

How much should I spend on swim trunks?

Several budget-friendly options can be purchased for just under $20, though more expensive designer swim trunks cost upwards of $100. Most will fall in the $30-$40 range.