How can you tell a fake Cartier Clou?

Metal Weight and Quality Usually, Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelets weigh at least 33.4 grams, but if it has diamonds, it should weigh more. For instance, the small model 18K white gold with 0.54 carats diamonds weighs 34.4 grams. Any bracelet that is lighter than this is most likely a fake.

Is Cartier Juste un Clou a good investment?

At the top of the list, Cartier’s iconic Juste un Clou bracelets are the best jewelry investment that well-informed buyers can make right now. They’re extremely in demand and hold approximately 106% of their value.

How much does Cartier nail bracelet cost?

How Much Is A Cartier Nail Bracelet? The Juste un Clou bracelet collection by Cartier takes a common object, a nail, and turns it into a luxurious piece of jewelry. The look is bold and innovative. These bracelets range in price from $3,050 to $325,000.

Do Cartier bracelets hold their value?

The Resale Stats: On average, Cartier LOVE pieces hold up to 94% of their resale value. What You Should Sell Now: Cartier LOVE bracelets, necklaces and earrings hold consistently high resale value on The RealReal, and diamonds are always in demand.

What does Juste un Clou mean?

Just a Nail
Moving on… Juste Un Clou (which literally translates to ‘Just a Nail’) is a collection of rings and bracelets that are exactly that- the finest of fine jewelry (many loaded with diamonds, of course) molded into the shape of gracefully bent hardware that range in price from $2,175 to a whopping $34,650.

What is the meaning of the nail bracelet?

Cyril Foiret· Juste Un Clou (meaning ‘Just a Nail’) is the latest Cartier collection of rings and bracelets. These iconic pieces of jewelry were created in the 70s, when the rugged design came to symbolize the “rebellious spirit and raw energy in New York City” at the time.

Is Juste un Clou comfortable?

Both are comfortable to wear, although the pave ring can occasionally catch my skin during skin care routine. If you are looking to stack your rings, the narrow version will be perfect. I got my Juste un Clou ring in yellow gold with diamonds a few months ago.

Why is Cartier bracelet so expensive?

In 1902 when King George V11 was crowned he rewarded Cartier with a Royal Warrant making them the official seller of jewels for the crown. Due to their relationship with the royal family, they have a higher standing in luxury than other brands. This is why Cartier bracelets are so expensive as well.

Which Cartier bracelet is most popular?

The Love Bracelet
The Love Bracelet is perhaps the most popular Cartier creation in the market. Its simplistic design inspired by screw heads and its romantic backstory will appeal to those who have a penchant for charming, clean-cut pieces. The Juste un Clou bracelet’s uncomplicated design contributes to its appeal.

Is Juste un Clou Popular?

Just like in the seventies, the modern Cartier Juste Un Clou jewelry pieces are highly popular thanks to its distinctive design.

How do you take off a Juste un Clou bracelet?

To wear your bracelet, simply snap the bracelet shut. 2. To remove your Juste un Clou, lightly press on the release mechanism on the underside of the bracelet to open it.