How can a fresh graduate engineer write a CV?

CV writing is a fine art….How to write the perfect graduate engineering CVGet the layout right. The first thing to consider is the layout of your document. Prove your skills. Next it’s time for the detail. Make your experience work. Next comes your work experience. Keep it to the point. Triple-check for mistakes.

How do you include a graduation project on a CV?

Academic projects can be included in the education resume section….Aim to keep your resume targeted to the job you want.Start each bullet point with a resume action word to make it pop.Use the PAR (Problem-Action-Result) formula to give your project description more impact.Include quantifiable accomplishments.

How should your CV look like?

Keep it real! Usually a CV should be no more than two pages – and that’s two pages of A4 paper! Tailor it. We’ve all done it. Include a personal statement. Don’t just assume an employer will see how your experience relates to their job. Don’t leave gaps. Keep it current. The error of your ways. Tell the truth. The maths.