How big is the surf in Ventura today?

Current Surf Report for California Street (C Street) Current Conditions

Low 4:16AM 1.71ft
High 10:26AM 6.76ft
Low 5:44PM -1.08ft

How big are the waves at Mondos?

Due to a sandbreak, there are consistently small, rolling, 3-5 foot waves that are great for newbies. The waves are also mellow and usually long, so bring your longboard. The vibe here is also more mellow than other nearby surf spots along the coast, which makes it a bit more friendly for the beginner or younger crowd.

How big are the waves at Zuma beach?

Current Surf Report for Zuma Beach County Park Current Conditions

Low 1:57AM 0.43ft
High 8:09AM 5.51ft
Low 2:35PM 0.39ft
High 8:28PM 4.85ft

Where is Ventura Point surf spot?

Surfers Point Beach in Ventura, California AdvertisementSurfers Point Beach at Seaside Park in Ventura begins west of the Ventura Pier and follows the Promenade to the Ventura River Estuary. A lagoon forms where the Ventura River backs up behind the beach which makes this a great birding location.

What is the water temperature in Ventura?

Today’s Ventura Overhead sea temperature is 61 °F.

Where can I surf fish in Ventura County?

Best Fishing Spots in Ventura, CA

  • Marina Park. 2.1 mi. 75 reviews.
  • Ventura Pier. 3.3 mi. 92 reviews.
  • Channel Islands Harbor. 7.1 mi. Boating, Marinas.
  • Ventura State Beach. 2.3 mi. Beaches.
  • Port Hueneme Beach Park. 8.8 mi. Beaches.
  • Silver Strand State Beach. 7.4 mi. 37 reviews.
  • Ventura Sportfishing. 2.0 mi. Fishing.
  • Faria Beach Park. 9.6 mi.

Is Mondos beach dog friendly?

The beach allows dogs on leash. Getting to Mondos Beach is easy – it is located near 3674 Pacific Coast Highway.

Where can I learn to surf in Santa Barbara?

We recommend Ventura’s Mondos Beach for learning to surf in the summer. The waves down there tend to be more fun and consistent than the waves in Santa Barbara proper in the summer. The instructors’ goal is that your experience in Santa Barbara while learning to surf will be a memorable experience.

What is the water temperature at Zuma Beach?

Water temperature in Zuma Beach today is 60.8°F. The swimming season in Zuma Beach lasts from July to October.

How many towers are at Zuma?

There are 14 lifeguard towers throughout the beach all manned with lifeguards during the the sunlight parts of the day. Zuma can provide almost any beach activity including surfing, body surfing, boogie boarding, skim boarding, volleyball, fishing, swimming, and much more.

How do you check for swelling?

Swell speed is measured at nautical miles per hour or knots. (1 knot is 1.2 miles on land.) In order to work out the speed that a swell is travelling multiply the wave period by 1.5. The result is the speed the swell is travelling in knots.

How hot does Ventura CA get?

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Ventura California, United States. In Ventura, the summers are warm, arid, and clear and the winters are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 46°F to 76°F and is rarely below 39°F or above 82°F.

What are the surf conditions at Ventura point?

Ventura PM Report: Seabreeze has picked up in the light + to moderate zone across the region which is ruffling conditions at many spots. Primary SW swell an background SSE tropical swell are slowly fading, with surf in the waist to chest high zone from most spots.

What is the surf forecast for Mondos wa?

Mondos surf forecast is for near shore open water. Breaking waves will often be smaller at less exposed spots. Mondos surf forecast is for near shore open water. Breaking waves will often be smaller at less exposed spots.

What’s the best swell direction for Mondos CA?

Offshore winds are from the north northwest. Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the best swell direction is from the west. Sometimes crowded. The best conditions reported for surf at Mondos occur when a West swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the North-northwest.

What’s the water temperature at Mondos in California?

The water temperature (16.7 °C) at Mondos is quite cool. If the sun shines as we have forecast, it should feel warm enough to surf in a good spring wetsuit. Effective windchill factor of (19.0 °C) will make the air and water feel about the same temperature.