How big is a sperm whale heart?

Females are smaller, about 33-40 feet (11-13 m) long, weighing about 14-18 tons. The four-chambered heart of the average sperm whale weighs about 277 pounds (126 kg) – about as much as two average adult human beings.

What is a sperm whale for kids?

The Sperm whale is the largest toothed mammal in the world! Like most odontocetes, the males are larger than the females. They can weigh up to 110,000 pounds and measure in at 20 meters. Females are much smaller, weighing 36,000 pounds and measuring in at 13 meters.

Can a sperm whale swallow a human?

Toothed whales, such as sperm whales, have teeth and feed on prey including squid and fish. Of the 90 known whale species on Earth, sperm whales are the only species with throats large enough to technically swallow a human.

Has a sperm whale ever killed a human?

white as wool”. Legend has it that it killed 30 men and was covered in scars and punctured with spears from previous attempts to harpoon it; before eventually being slaughtered in 1838. Sometimes described as Leviathans, sperm whales truly are creatures of mythical proportions.

Which is bigger blue whale or sperm whale?

Who eats the most? Sperm whales are the biggest creature with teeth on Earth (the blue whale is much bigger, but is toothless.) Male sperm whales are bigger than females and grow to 60 ft. (18m) in length and weigh up to 62 tons (~125,500 lbs).

How long can sperm whales hold their breath?

around 90 minutes
Other whales can also hold their breath for a very long time. A sperm whale can spend around 90 minutes hunting underwater before it has to come back to the surface to breathe. In 1969, a male sperm whale was killed off the coast of South Africa after surfacing from a dive lasting 117 minutes.

What does a sperm whale eat for kids?

Sperm whales are carnivores (meat-eaters). They mostly hunt medium-sized squid. They also eat many kinds of fish such as skate. Sometimes they hunt giant squid that live on the ocean bottom at great depths.

Can a man survive inside a whale?

As you have probably gathered by now, even though it is technically possible to survive being swallowed by a whale, it’s extremely unlikely. But luckily for us, whales are generally not that interested in humans. If you are going to worry about anything eating you in the water, it should probably be sharks.

Do Sperm whales eat sharks?

The sperm whales feed on several species, notably the giant squid, but also the colossal squid, octopuses, and fish like demersal rays. Some prey may be taken accidentally while eating other items. They have been known to eat the megamouth shark and there is evidence of their having eaten a great white shark.

Can sperm whales vibrate you to death?

Nonetheless, while swimming side-by-side with them, sperm whales can accidentally smother you, decapitate you with their tails, and many researchers believe they can also vibrate your body to death with their most intense vocalisations if they choose – they are the loudest animals on the planet.

How big are blue whale babies?

Blue whale calves After about a year inside its mother’s womb, a baby blue whale emerges weighing up to 3 tons and stretching to 25 feet. It gorges on nothing but mother’s milk and gains about 200 pounds every day for its first year.

How big is the heart of a sperm whale?

Females are smaller, about 33-40 feet (11-13 m) long, weighing about 14-18 tons. The four-chambered heart of the average sperm whale weighs about 277 pounds (126 kg) – about as much as two average adult human beings. The skin is usually dark gray to black, but is occasionally light gray.

How big is a Blue Whale’s Heart in feet?

A blue whale’s heart is about 5 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 5 feet tall. It weighs about 400 pounds. One researcher said the blue whale heart was actually the size of a small golf cart—but that’s not really true, either. It looks like most golf carts weigh at least 500-600 pounds.

How often do sperm whales mate and how long do they live?

Female sperm whales mate once every 4 to 20 years until they are about 40 years old. How long do sperm whales live? Sperm whales have a lifespan similar to humans, living about 70 years. Males do not reach full size until they are about 50.

How did the sperm whale get its name?

The common name was derived from a milky-white substance called spermaceti contained in an organ in the whales’ head which was though to contain sperm. The size of the whale’s head is attributed to the size of this organ that can weigh 13.6 tonnes (15 tons) and contain 3.6 tonnes (4 tons) of oil. P.Colla. Used with permission.