Does the Spiegel catalog still exist?

Spiegel is an American brand founded in 1865. The company offered its first catalog to women across America in 1905. As of today, Spiegel is no longer offering catalogs, but we have some great alternatives for you to browse under similar catalogs below.

Why did Spiegel catalog go out of business?

Yesterday, the Spiegel Group — which owns the famous Spiegel catalog, Eddie Bauer and Newport News, another direct-mail clothing business — filed for bankruptcy. The reason given was that the company had trusted too many people, and some did not pay their credit card bills.

Who took over Spiegel catalog?

Pangea Holdings Ltd.
In 2003, Spiegel filed for bankruptcy and reorganization under the bankruptcy code. This included closing 60 Eddie Bauer stores. The following year, a group headed by Golden Gate Capital Partners and Pangea Holdings Ltd., purchased the Spiegel and Newport News catalog businesses.

When did the Spiegel catalog go out of business?

The economic recession of the early 2000s hit the company’s catalog and credit card divisions hard. Spiegel entered Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy in early 2003 and planned to close at least 60 of its 540 Eddie Bauer stores nationally, including several in the Chicago area.

What happened to Spiegel and Newport News?

Late last month, the company that operates the Spiegel and Newport News women’s clothing catalogs filed for bankruptcy. There’s some very interesting background questions about why the company is bankrupt for the second time in eight years and why it’s being sold to an affiliate of its parent company.

Is Spiegel a good brand?

Spiegel has a consumer rating of 3.13 stars from 4 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Spiegel ranks 1562nd among Women’s Clothing sites.

Is there still a Sears catalog?

Although the Sears catalog, also known as the “Big Book”, was retired in 1993, Sears continues to appeal to customers through an array of print catalogs and online shopping sites. Click here to read more about the history of the Sears catalog or Big Book.

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What does the word Spiegel mean?

Spiegel is a surname of German origin. In German language Spiegel means mirror. There are also a significant number of Jewish people with the surname, and it is said that this name originated from a house sign in the Frankfurt am Main (Judengasse) picturing a mirror.

Where did Sears and Roebuck start?

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Sears/Place founded

What to look for in the Spiegel catalog?

Shop the Spiegel catalog by travel destination or by fabric for fashions that will make everyone think you’re traveling first class. Spiegel Accessories – Sometimes it isn’t all about the clothes, it’s all about the shoes, which is why the Spiegel catalog presents a shoe collection that Spiegel women everywhere covet.

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