Does Starbucks offer benefits for part time?

Starbucks prides itself on our partners. We offer eligible partners working full-time or part-time comprehensive benefits, including health coverage (medical, dental and vision).

How many hours do you need to work to get benefits at Starbucks?

240 hours
Full-time* partners become eligible for benefits the first day of the month following 60 days of employment. Retail hourly partners including baristas and café attendants become eligible for benefits after being paid at least 240 hours over a three-consecutive-month period.

Do you get free coffee if you work at Starbucks?

Free Coffee They also get a 30% discount on Starbucks food and beverages. And while they’re actually on the clock, they can drink as many lattes as they want—most beverages are free for employees during work breaks.

How Much Does Starbucks pay part time?

Starbucks Barista Part Time Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $34,500 $17
75th Percentile $28,000 $13
Average $25,991 $12
25th Percentile $20,500 $10

How many free drinks do Starbucks baristas get?

Starbucks employees aren’t going hungry at work. Not only do team members get one free food item and multiple free drinks per shift, but they’re also entitled to 30% off food and drinks when they come in on their off-days.

How many hours a week is part time?

Part-time work usually requires fewer than 30-35 hours a week but can vary widely depending on the company, position, and agreement between the employer and the worker.

Do Starbucks employees get free Spotify?

All told, the agreement will link 7,000 Starbucks locations in the United States with Spotify’s 60 million users to create what the new partners call “a first-of-its-kind music ecosystem.” Starbucks employees (or “partners” as the company calls them) will all receive complimentary access to Spotify Premium and be able …

Do Starbucks employees get free drinks on days off?

Starbucks employees aren’t going hungry at work. Not only do team members get one free food item and multiple free drinks per shift, but they’re also entitled to 30% off food and drinks when they come in on their off-days. And they get even bigger discounts around the holidays.

What is Starbucks starting pay 2021?

Starbucks to raise average pay up to $17 an hour as it faces a labor shortage. All Starbucks hourly pay workers will make at least $15 an hour and average $17 an hour in summer. Starbucks said barista hourly rates will range based on market and tenure from $15 to $23 per hour.

Does Starbucks pay $15 an hour?

Starbucks announced Wednesday it will raise wages for its U.S. baristas at least twice in 2022, bringing its pay floor to $15 an hour by the summer. The announcement comes as bars and restaurants struggle to find enough willing workers to staff their eateries as demand rebounds.

How do you qualify for Starbucks benefits?

You become eligible for benefits (if you work in the U.S. mainland) once you have received pay for at least 160 hours over a two consecutive month period. Starbucks monitors your paid hours on the last Friday of every month until you become eligible.

Is 12 hours a week part-time?

The number of hours that an employee works to be considered part-time can vary. However, as a general rule, employees who work between 20 and 29 hours per week are considered part-time employees. That said, the hours can vary depending on the position, company, and agreement.

What benefits does Starbucks offer its employees?

Starbucks calls their benefits package their “Special Blend.” Part-time employees working at least 20 hours a week can get health coverage, including medical, dental, and vision. Benefits also include life insurance, disability coverage, and tuition reimbursement.

What benefits does Starbucks offer?

Starbucks offers extensive benefits packages that are customized for each employee, called “Your Special Blend.”. Options include things like bonuses, 401 (k) matching plans, health/medical/dental plans, and even adoption assistance.

Do they offer benefits to part time employees?

While the majority of employers opt to provide benefits to their full-time employees as a competitive measure, this is not always the case with part-time employees . According to a 2018 employee benefits report, however, over the last four years, health care coverage for part-time employees has increased by 10%. In the same way that companies are more competitive with their benefit programs for full-time employees, companies are adopting these same models to their part-time employees as well.

What benefits do part time employees get?

Employers generally choose whether their part-time employees will receive most benefits. These benefits include vacation time, holiday pay, sick leave, medical insurance, retirement benefits and disability insurance.