Does OBIEE use WebLogic?

With OBIEE 11g, you use Oracle WebLogic Server admin console to start up the WebLogic Managed Server that contains the OBIEE components, and then you use Oracle Fusion Middleware Control to start these individual components up.

What is WebLogic in OBIEE 12c?

As a Fusion Middleware 11g product, OBIEE 11g uses Oracle WebLogic for centralized common services, including a common security model. WebLogic itself is a scalable, enterprise-ready Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application server.

What is OBIEE admin?

Install Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c with it’s components JDK, Weblogic Admin Server, Managed Servers, Domain. Able to control the servers i.e. Weblogic Admin server, BI servers, Node Manager. Able to create Virtual Machine. Able to install Oracle Linux on Virtual Machine.

What does a WebLogic administrator do?

A Weblogic Administrator is in charge of developing processes and procedures connected to Oracle WebLogic and utilities. They make sure all systems meet the performance specifications and are in line with customer requirements.

How do I start WebLogic Server in Obiee 12c?

Start OBIEE server using WebLogic Server Admin Console.

  1. Login into the WebLogic Server Admin Console using the WebLogic administrator username.
  2. In the Domain Structure pane on the left, expand Environment.
  3. Under Environment, select Servers.
  4. In the Summary of Servers pane, select the Control tab.

What is Obiee architecture?

OBIEE Architecture contains Java and non-Java components. Java components are Web Logic Server components and non-Java components are called Oracle BI system component.

How do you make an RPD in Obiee?

Creating a New Repository

  1. Open the Administration Tool. View Image.
  2. Select File > New Repository. View Image.
  3. Select the Binary method and enter a name for the repository.
  4. Leave the default location as is.
  5. Leave Import Metadata set to Yes.
  6. Enter and retype a password for the repository.
  7. Click Next.

What is the difference between admin server and managed server in WebLogic?

For those who are new, Administration Server is a WebLogic Server instance that maintains configuration data for a domain and Managed Server is an instance of your WebLogic server that is running on JVM and has its own configuration.

How many admin consoles are possible in one domain?

You can deploy your application on administration Server but it is recommended to create managed Server and deploy your application in managed server and leave Administration domain for configuration and maintenance. —There will always be atleast one Administration Server in a domain.

How start Obiee service in Linux?

Starting OBIEE

  1. Sign onto the Linux server using the non-privileged username (for example, oemora).
  2. Start the node manager.
  3. Start OHS (skip this step for non-SSO systems).
  4. Start the WebLogic administration server.
  5. Start OBIEE server using WebLogic Server Admin Console.
  6. Start opmnctl processes.

How do I start and stop services in Obiee 12c?

Run the below commands to start, stop or to know the status of entire services.

  1. To Stop All the Services. [root@obiee bin] ./
  2. To Know the Status of All Services: [root@obiee bin] ./
  3. To Start all BI Services. [root@obiee bin] ./
  4. Syntax: ./ -i service_name1, service_name2.

What is the use of OBIEE?

OBIEE enables IT organizations to define a single, logical view of all enterprise data – whether in a single data warehouse or across multiple operational and analytic sources – and provide business users with new levels of self-sufficiency to access, interact with, and utilize this information to increase …

How does Oracle WebLogic Server work with OC4J?

One of the supported OC4J configurations is a topology where a front-end Web server (in most cases, Oracle HTTP Server) is configured to receive incoming HTTP requests. The requests are then routed from Oracle HTTP Server to the appropriate OC4J instance via the AJP protocol.

Is there an administration console for Oracle WebLogic?

The Administration Console provides a Web-based management tool for Oracle WebLogic Server, similar to the Application Server Control used to manage OC4J. Note that you can configure a simple Oracle WebLogic Server development domain with no managed servers. In such an environment, you would deploy your applications to the administration server.

Which is the JVM used in obiee 11g?

In the past it’s role in OBIEE was performed by OC4J and Oracle Application Server (which used OC4J under the covers), and both of these in 11g have been replaced by the core WebLogic Server, with JRockit (as opposed to the Sun JVM) generally used as the JVM (thanks Simon H for the clarification in the comments).

How to connect obiee WebLogic to Enterprise Manager?

A login for the Enterprise Manager Fusion Control panel. Once you have each of these in place, you are ready to proceed. Log into the OBIEE WebLogic console using your admin credentials and proceed to the “welcome” screen. Click OK or Cancel to close the dialog box.