Does Castilleja have uniforms?

Daily Uniform and Non-Uniform Days Uniforms need to be neat, clean, and in good repair. Printing, non-Castilleja logos, or inappropriate decorations are not allowed on garments. Students are expected to be in proper uniform during the entire school day.

Is Castilleja school good?

Castilleja is an amazing school. The teachers and students are kind and caring, and the community helps create confidence and strength in young girls. The faculty and staff really do their best to create the best possible experience for the students, and I highly recommend. Castilleja is an amazing school.

How much does it cost to go to Castilleja?

Castilleja School is an independent school for girls in grades six through twelve, located in Palo Alto, California. Castilleja is the only non-sectarian all-girls middle and high school in the San Francisco Bay Area….

Castilleja School
Tuition $52,000

What is the Castilleja expansion?

Castilleja, a private middle and high school located in an R-1 neighborhood, has submitted to the City of Palo Alto a proposal to significantly remodel its campus, increase enrollment by 30% (plus additional faculty/staff, parents, volunteers) and legalize 95 events per school year.

What does Castilleja mean in Spanish?

Castilleja Name Meaning Spanish: habitational name from any of various places, especially in Seville province, named with the word castilleja ‘little castle’.

What nationality is Castilleja?

Spanish: habitational name from any of various places, especially in Seville province, named with the word castilleja ‘little castle’.

What do natives call Indian paintbrush?

Castilleja, commonly known as Indian paintbrush or prairie-fire, is a genus of about 200 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants native to the west of the Americas from Alaska south to the Andes, northern Asia, and one species as far east as the Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia.

Why is it called Indian paintbrush?

How the Indian Paintbrush was named. The name of this flower is based on the legend of an Indian who wanted to paint a sunset. Frustrated that he could not produce any of the colors that matched the beauty of a sunset, he asked the Great Spirit for help.

Is Castilleja parasitic?

Castilleja species are generalist parasites. Although certain species do much better with and seem to “prefer” particular host species, they will usually take whatever they can get.

Do deer eat Indian paintbrushes?

This duo attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, will naturalize to fill in a garden or meadow area, and is deer-resistant.

What does Indian paintbrush smell like?

Hummingbirds are attracted to color red, have no sense of smell, and need large amounts of nectar – paintbrush have little to no scent and produce abundant nectar.