Do fetch lands have color identity?

no color identity, can be used in any deck.

Are fetch lands in standard?

Fetch lands appeared in only three Standard sets. Onslaught was way back in 2002, but Khans of Tarkir supplied fresh allied fetches in 2014. Zendikar fetches have only one big printing in 2009. So the most relevant Standard printing is the one from Khans of Tarkir.

How many fetch lands can be in a 3 color deck?

3-color decks should play 9 fetchlands, 3 dual lands, and 3 shock lands. 2-color decks should play 7 fetch lands, 1 dual land, and 1 shock land.

Whats so good about fetch lands?

Fetchlands are good for a number of reasons; 1) They help color fix in ways the other available lands in standard at the moment do not. 2) With eternal formats, they are able to search your library for Shocklands, and Dual Lands.

Can you fetch the original dual lands?

Fetch Me a Dual The Sea and Grave, however, each have “Island Swamp” listed as their subtypes. These are lands that can be sacrificed to search your library for a land type, be it plains, forest, island, swamp, or mountain. Thanks to the handy subtypes, original duals can be fetched.

Are fetch lands colorless?

However, they cost mana to sacrifice, can only fetch basic lands, and the lands they fetch come to play tapped, so they’re not ideal. This can also be tapped for a colorless mana and allows you to fetch two basic lands, but at the cost of four mana, which essentially means skipping a turn.

How many fetch lands should you run?

Running them for 2 and 3, however, is very acceptable and is done a lot. Even in monocolour decks. I wouldn’t run them all, or otherwise you end up with 9 fetches in a 3-colour deck, which isn’t very handy unless you intend on using landfall or really need the fixing.

Why are Shocklands so good?

Shocklands (which allow you to “Shock” yourself in order to get an untapped land) have many advantages: Good color depth without loss of tempo. Oftentimes, getting your land into play untapped is worth two life; shocklands give you the option to set that up. Excellent color-fixing with fetch effects.

How many lands should be in a two color deck?

eight dual lands
Players can play two-color decks and play eight dual lands, or they can branch out into three or more colors and have options of which dual lands they prefer depending on the speed of their deck.

How many lands should a 3 color 60 card deck have?

Color slots Let us start with “60 cards, play first”. In these decks, we have a starting point of 24 lands. The second turn slot requires at least 12 lands that produce that color for a 90% probability to cast, and a third turn slot requires 11 lands – conveniently adding up to just under 24 lands.

Can fetch lands get dual lands?

In Modern and Eternal formats, exploiting fetch lands to find “dual lands” (e.g., Tundra) or “shock lands” (e.g., Sacred Foundry) is incredibly useful for getting the color of mana you need. For example, Windswepth Heath will be able to grab you any card with the subtype Forest OR Plains.