Do Bushwacker fender flares cause rust?

Since the flare is not sealed tight to the body over time crud, sand and road dirt gets in behind and settles in great quanties at the bottom of the flare on each end. This caused total paint removal and rust in these areas.

How much do Bushwacker fender flares stick out?

These flares give 3.5-inches of tire coverage up front and 3.0-inches of coverage in the back (vs. 2.6- and 2.0-inches for our standard ’10–’16 Ram Pocket Style flares). In addition, these flares provide an aggressive off-road style that compliments vehicles with big wheels, big tires, and big lifts.

Do Bushwacker fender flares require drilling?

Bushwacker’s fender flares can offer you aggressive appearance and extra tire coverage. The pocket flares give you a bolted look and you do not require drilling. The flares come with screws that effectively fasten.

Do fender flares ruin paint?

Yes this is a common problem with fender flares. It’s caused by the tiny amount of movement between the flare and the truck. If it ever wears through the paint, it will be a pathway for rust to start, causing the paint to bubble.

Are Bushwacker Flares worth the money?

These flairs are WELL worth the money. Spend the extra and get the real deal. If your Jeep is nice don’t put some cheap Chinese junk on there you never will be happy with. Bushwacker is what’s up!

Are fender flares a good idea?

Final Thoughts Overall, fender flares are an excellent accessory for any truck. They’ll make any truck look more aggressive, and they’ll protect your truck and other vehicles on the road from mud, rocks, and debris.

How thick are fender flares?

3mm thick
A set of four 9cm (3,5 inchs) wide fender flares made of high-quality 3mm thick ABS plastic in the classic Japanese style. The product is lightweight and can be installed without affecting the weight of your car. May be blended in with your car body or left with open rivets.

Where are Lund fender flares made?

LUND International Fender Flares Today, LUND has become an industry leader, operating out of a 219,000 sq ft facility in Georgia and manufacturing aftermarket accessories for SUVs, trucks, and more.

Are fender flares worth it?

If you want to spruce up your truck and provide a bit of rust protection while you’re at it, then fender flares are certainly worth it. All in all, fender flares are a quick and easy mod to install that offer immediate benefits.

Are Bushwacker fender flares any good?

As for the fit and finish, the Bushwacker fender flares fit perfectly and look terrific on my truck, as better or better than OEM, and that’s the kicker. You’ll be able to buy another fender flare for a lot less money, but they won’t last as long and fit as well as a Bushwacker.

Can you put fender flares over rust?

Just install a set of our custom made fender flares as it is the ultimate coverup for that rust problem! They’re easy to install, and they offer great protection. Her are some things that you probably don’t know about fender flares: They can give you a unique look!