Did Viggo Mortensen learn Russian for Eastern Promises?

Notorious for his extensive preparation for his roles, Mortensen studied Russian for “Eastern Promises.” “I worked with a Russian translator to get the language right,” he says, “and because I knew that I would go to Russia to do a little research before cameras rolled.

Is Eastern Promises based on a book?

In a September 13, 2007, interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, which was rebroadcast in December ahead of the film’s DVD release and three Golden Globe nominations, director David Cronenberg cited Vladimir Volkov’s 2002 Cornell UP book, Violent Entrepreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian Capitalism, as one of the …

Why did Semyon set up Nikolai?

After he passes this physical examination, Nikolai is elevated to the same status as Kirill within the hierarchy of the mob family. However, this promotion turns out to be a ploy arranged by Semyon to save his son’s reputation.

What does full of eastern promise mean?

Full of Eastern Promise may refer to: “Full of Eastern Promise”, a slogan used in adverts for the chocolate sweet Fry’s Turkish Delight. “Full of Eastern Promise”, nickname for Hong Kong snooker player Marco Fu (born 1978)

What ethnicity is Viggo Mortensen?

Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. (/ˈviːɡoʊ ˈmɔːrtənsən/; Danish: [ˈviko ˈmɒːtn̩sn̩]; born October 20, 1958) is an American actor, author, musician, photographer, poet, and painter. Born in the State of New York to a Danish father and American mother, he lived in Argentina during his childhood.

What nationality is Viggo Mortensen?

Viggo Mortensen/Nationality

Viggo Mortensen, in full Viggo Peter Mortensen, Jr., (born October 20, 1958, New York City, New York, U.S.), American actor known for his striking demeanour and understated persuasiveness in roles ranging from shockingly brutal to heroic. Mortensen’s mother was American and his father Danish.

Where was Eastern Promises shot?

Eastern Promises was David Cronenberg’s first film to be shot entirely outside Canada.

When was Eastern Promises filmed?

Eastern Promises | 2007. Taking possession of the diary of a young girl who died in childbirth, midwife Anna Khitrova (Naomi Watts) finds herself involved with a very nasty branch of the Russian mafia, Vory v Zakone.

How violent is Eastern Promises?

MPAA explanation: strong brutal and bloody violence, some graphic sexuality, language and nudity.

Where does the movie Eastern Promises take place?

On September 14, 2007, David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises, a powerhouse thriller about the Russian mob in London, opened in theaters. Set in London, the story follows a midwife (Naomi Watts) who is slowly drawn into the shadowy world of human trafficking and organized crime.

Why does Viggo Mortensen speak so many languages?

Viggo Mortensen’s mother is American, and he was born in New York City. His father is Danish. When Viggo was young, his family moved to Venezuela (hence his beginning Spanish skills), then to Denmark and on to Argentina, where he became completely fluent in Spanish.

Is Viggo Mortensen still married?

Mortensen is also a devoted family man, and a romantic at heart. Mortensen was married to actress Exene Cervenka from 1987 to 1998 and is currently in a long-term relationship with Spanish actress Ariadna Gil Giner.