Did maiev kill Illidan?

Illidan is a raid boss and the primary antagonist to the World of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade. He was slain by Maiev Shadowsong, his former jailer turned prisoner, in a coup d’état initiated by Akama and player adventurers.

How did maiev capture Illidan?

Greatly outnumbered, Illidan discovered that his evil powers were of little use against cold steel, and his recapture proved to be fairly easy. She caught him and imprisoned him into an enchanted cage under a magical sedative. Although she had captured Illidan, Maiev was unable to find a way to return home.

Why did maiev imprison Illidan?

Maiev is loyal to her comrades and determined to ensure they come to no harm. Her fury at Illidan was originally motivated by her disapproval of his actions with Azshara and the fact that he nearly killed Jarod. Later, she is driven to blind hatred after his murder of Naisha and the other Watchers.

Was Illidan Killed in Burning Crusade?

No, he was killed. His corpse was brought to the Vault of the Wardens and was stolen by Gul’dan.

Does tyrande love Illidan?

Despite his lust for power and being labled a villain, Illidan’s love for Tyrande made him go against the Legion twice and turn against Queen Azshara herself, and thus his love for her made him one of the least evil villains in the Warcraft franchise.

Is naisha dead?

Naisha was the first lieutenant of Maiev Shadowsong and the Watchers. She accompanied Maiev to hunt down Illidan Stormrage after he was set loose during the Third War….

Status Deceased (lore) Killable
Companion(s) Maiev Shadowsong (formerly)

What does elune look like?

Elune has never made herself known to any living creature in the physical plane in a physical form, though she is sometimes depicted as a night elf female with a skin that glows with intensity, eyes of pure silver moonlight, and her clothing adorned with silvery jewelry.

Is Illidan dead after legion?

Maiev subsequently brought Illidan’s corpse to the Vault of the Wardens so that his spirit could suffer the rest of his eternal sentence. There it remained for years until the Legion invaded once more….

Illidan Stormrage
Former affiliation(s) Burning Legion, Kaldorei Empire, Kaldorei Resistance, Moon Guard

Is Illidan Horde or Alliance?

Illidan Majority Faction Illidan is a Horde majority server. Approxiamtely 98% of the server population is Horde, and approximately 2% belong to the Alliance.

Why did Tyrande become night warrior?

In the years prior to the Burning Legion’s first invasion, Tyrande was the object of both Malfurion and his brother Illidan’s affections. However, following the burning of Teldrassil, Tyrande gave herself over to vengeance by becoming the Night Warrior and refused to agree to peace with the Horde.

What does the name naisha mean?

Name :Naisha. Meaning :Special, Lovely flower, A special or lovely flower. Gender :Girl.

Where is naisha?

Tomb of Sargeras
This NPC can be found in Tomb of Sargeras .

How did Maiev save Jarod from Malfurion?

Illidan was captured immediately after this by Malfurion, while only the efforts of Tyrande, Shandris Feathermoon, Maiev herself and other priestesses ensured the heroes survival. Enraged, Maiev drew her weapon and went to kill the captive Illidan, but Tyrande stopped her and reminded her that Jarod still lived.

What did Maiev do after the Sundering?

Maiev continued to serve with distinction, and grudgingly relinquished the office of High Priestess back to Tyrande. She also helped in the healing of the injured Rhonin and helped Jarod with killing demons. After the Sundering, she was furious when she discovered that Illidan Stormrage had attacked and injured her brother.

Where was Maiev in the war of the Ancients?

Maiev was stationed at the Hajiri temple in northwestern Kalimdor just before the War of the Ancients. Like the rest of the sisterhood, Maiev took up arms against the Burning Legion at the start of the invasion, joining the resistance under Kur’talos Ravencrest.

How did Maiev get the rank of Warden?

As the group’s leader, Maiev was given the rank of Warden, which she later awarded to a select few who had proven their exceptional fighting abilities, tracking skills, and tenacity. When Jarod disappeared one night, Maiev was surprised and grieved that he had not spoken to her of his impending departure.