Did Julian Smith win bgt?

Britain’s Got Talent: What happened to saxophonist Julian Smith? It’s been 10 years since Julian Smith won the heart of the nation with his beautiful saxophone playing. In the 2009 final, Julian finished in third place, behind only winners Diversity and the might of Susan Boyle.

Was Julian Smith on Britain’s Got Talent?

Julian Smith (born 21 April 1969) is an English saxophonist and music teacher from Birmingham, England. Smith became better known after appearing on the third series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 and finished in third place behind singer Susan Boyle and winning dance troupe Diversity.

Who won Britain’s Got Talent 2009?

Britain’s Got Talent – Season 3/Winners
Series 3 (2009) The series was won by dance troupe Diversity, with singer Susan Boyle coming in second, and saxophonist Julian Smith placing third.

What is Julian Smith doing?

Julian Smith is a popular YouTube celebrity known for his hilarious videos he acts in and directs. He owns and operates his own production company, Papertown, and is a frequent collaborator with Rhett and Link.

Can Will Smith play the saxophone?

He’s proficient on alto, soprano and tenor saxophones, an unusual skill for a musician to play all three, he says. “It just comes to you,” Smith said. “When you hear it, you hear it.

Who won BGT 5?

Jai McDowall
Britain’s Got Talent Season 5/Winners

Who is the MP for Skipton and Ripon?

Skipton and Ripon is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2010 by Julian Smith, a Conservative.

Does Sheridan Smith have a brother?

Damian Smith
Julian Smith
Sheridan Smith/Brothers

Can Will Smith really play piano?

Will Smith is a man of many talents, and he won countless awards as both an actor and musician. Will Smith’s biography suggests that he learnt how to play the piano in his youth, and he also mentioned having one at home.

What song does Will Smith play on piano in Fresh Prince?

Fur Elise
The song Will played on the piano after the party is “Fur Elise” by Beethoven.