Did Jeff Bridges win any awards for The Big Lebowski?

(Reuters) – Academy-award winner Jeff Bridges, known for his role in the 1998 film “The Big Lebowski”, has been diagnosed with lymphoma, the actor announced on Monday evening. The actor is a seven-time Oscar nominee, winning the award in 2010 for his role as a country musician in “Crazy Heart”.

Did Jeff Bridges win an award for True Grit?

Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer
BAFTA Award for Best CinematographyNational Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cinematography
True Grit/Awards

Did The Big Lebowski win any Academy Awards?

Jeff Bridges, ‘The Big Lebowski’ Yes, Bridges won an Oscar for 2009’s Crazy Heart. But for playing the immortal Dude for the Coen Brothers in 1998’s iconic The Big Lebowski, Bridges got snubbed for one of the great comic performances in cinema history. Whaaaat! Oscar, you’re not living this down.

Did Jeff Bridges get nominated for Starman?

Jeff Bridges was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor, making Starman the only film by John Carpenter to receive an Academy Award nomination. Bridges was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Drama and was awarded the Saturn Award for Best Actor.

Did Starman win any awards?

The following is a list of awards and nominations received by American actor Jeff Bridges….Saturn Awards.

Year 1984
Work Starman
Category/award Best Actor
Result Won

What role did Jeff Bridges win an Oscar for?

Crazy Heart
Bridges, 70, won Academy Award for Best Actor in 2010 for playing an alcoholic singer in the film Crazy Heart.

Did True Grit 1969 win any awards?

Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture – Drama

Did Hailee Steinfeld win an Oscar?

MTV Europe Music Award for Best Push ArtistYoung Hollywood Award for Breakthrough of the Year
Hailee Steinfeld/Awards

Why does The Big Lebowski hate the Eagles?

The Dude obviously has a strong hatred for The Eagles since he would rather get in a physical altercation with a cab driver than to listen to one of their songs.

Who got the money in The Big Lebowski?

Jeffrey Lebowski gave the Dude the case saying it had a million dollars but the thought is it didn’t have anything at all, and he had withdrawn the money from the foundation and kept it for himself.

Did they ever make a Starman 2?

Question: Since first watching the movie “Starman” it has always been one of my favorites and I still watch it every once in a while. What I never have understood is why they never made a sequel as Jenny was left pregnant by the Starman. So, in 1986, came the TV series “Starman,” with Robert Hays in the title role.

Does Netflix have Starman?

Watch Starman on Netflix Today!