Can you still use the View-Master virtual reality?

What is changing? Beginning November 1, 2019, View-Master™ VR Starter Pack & Deluxe VR viewer will be discontinued, and various apps and services associated with the toy will be discontinued.

Why was View-Master discontinued?

Due to the old age the apps are no longer supported. Notice was provided (on the box and manual) that allowed Mattel to discontinue support of the apps after 10/31/2017.

Who invented the View-Master?

Invented by William Gruber and marketed by Harold Graves through Edwin and Fred Mayer’s photo-finishing, postcard, and greeting card company, Sawyer’s, View-Master was a successor to the stereograph viewer popularized in the 19th century by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

What was the first view-master?

Charles Harrison View-master (model G) 1962. A mass consumer device marketed as a toy, the original View-Master came with thin cardboard disks, or reels, containing stereoscopic pairs of small Kodachrome photographs that when viewed through the apparatus created the illusion of three-dimensional scenes.

How many View-Master reels are there?

one billion View-Master reels
The View-Master Ultimate Reel List. More than one billion View-Master reels have been issued since this unique stereophotographic format was invented and first commercially released in 1939.

What is the best View-Master?

3 Best View Master Reels

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How does the View-Master virtual reality work?

When you place a reel on the table and look at it through your View-Master® VR viewer, Augmented Reality icons will appear above the reel. These 3D icons serve as a menu – by selecting an icon with a click of the viewer’s lever, you can launch different experiences.

Who owns View-Master?

Mattel’s venerable View-Master, the stereoscopic photo viewer so familiar to kids, is now using Google Cardboard Virtual Reality technology to bring life to those old 3D images.

What is GAF View-Master?

Buoyed by the success of its View-Master, GAF released an audio-enabled variant of the 3D stereoscopic picture viewer in 1969-70. The Talking View-Master was powered by two C-batteries and contained other internal components, like a speaker, that made it roughly 3X the size of its audio-free counterpart.

How much does a View-Master cost?

View Master value and price guide

Title Date Price
Kay Parker Set Of 2 Pressbooks W Promo Photo Viewmaster 06/2021 $1 250.00
Kiss 1980 View Master Double Vue Sealed Cartridge 07/2021 $999.00
Spongebob Squarepants Nickelodeon View Master Reels 08/2021 $970.00
Kiss 1978 View Master Double Vue Sealed Cartridge Rare 09/2021 $895.00

What can you see in a virtual zoo?

Just take your vr headset and enjoy wildlife adventure in virtual zoo. You can observe many carnivores such as lion, crocodile and bear. You will also find herbivorous creatures. Elephant, rhino or antelope.

Where can I go with the View Master app?

Destinations transports you to famous places like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York, the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza or the Tower of London and Tower Bridge in London. Downloading the View-Master® apps allows access to the same virtual reality content as the View-Master® Experience Packs.

When does The View Master VR starter pack end?

Beginning November 1, 2019, View-Master™ VR Starter Pack & Deluxe VR viewer will be discontinued, and various apps and services associated with the toy will be discontinued.

What do you need for a virtual reality experience?

Our awesome virtual reality experience requires simply three items: a View-Master® viewer, a View-Master® Experience Pack/App, and your compatible smartphone running on iOS or Android. It’s user-friendly VR at an accessible cost. Start your virtual journey with View-Master® today!