Can you pan for gold in Arizona?

Arizona is one of the best states in the US for gold prospecting. Not only is there a lot of gold here, but there is also good access to public lands that are open to prospecting. Gravity causes gold to concentrate in rivers, so they are always one of the best places to look for gold.

What part of Arizona has the most gold?

Much of the active placer gold mining in Arizona is around the town of Wickenburg. Areas of high gold potential are located north of Wickenburg in Yavapai county, and south-southwest in Maricopa county.

Is there gold in Phoenix Arizona?

Phoenix can be found in Maricopa County which ranks as the 5th highest gold-producing county in Arizona, with almost 500,000 ounces of gold produced up through 1959. And nearby there was almost 3 million ounces of lode gold from 1900 to 1959, and 73,000 ounces of placer gold from Yavapai County.

Where is the gold in the Arizona desert?

There is good gold throughout the desert around Yuma. Some very significant lode mines were worked in the Kofa Mountains. The North Star and the King of Arizona Mine were the biggest producers. Lots of gulches throughout the Kofa Mountains are gold producers.

Where can gold be found in Arizona?

Here are some of the most popular spots to prospect for gold in Arizona:

  • The Wickenburg Mountains.
  • The Hassayampa River.
  • Cave Creek area.
  • The Agua Fria River.
  • The Bighorn Mountains.
  • Prescott – Lynx Creek.
  • Stanton – Rich Hill.
  • Black Canyon City.

Where can I metal detect for gold in Arizona?

7 Best Places to Metal Detect in Arizona [Maps, Laws and More]

  1. Lake Havasu State Park – Swimming and Sun.
  2. Dankworth Pond State Park – Mountain Views.
  3. Lost Dutchman State Park – Mysteries Of Gold Mines.
  4. Lyman Lake State Park – Reservoir In The Heat.
  5. Red Rock State Park – Incredible Rock Formations.

Is there gold in Scottsdale Arizona?

The historic mine is the largest piece of vacant land available in Scottsdale, according to listing agent Preston Westmoreland with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty. That’s based on mining reports estimating there are 375,000 tons of gold ore left in Gold Hill.

Is there gold in southern Arizona?

Arizona is most definitely one of the best states in the country to prospect for gold and other rare minerals. It seems that every part of the state has gold deposits, and the southern Arizona desert surrounding Tucson is no exception.

What’s the largest gold nugget found in Arizona?

61.5 oz
I found a very large 61.5 oz gold nugget in the mountains of Arizona.

How much gold has been found in Arizona?

An estimated 600,000 ounces of placer gold have been mined from Arizona streams since gold was first discovered here in the 1850’s.

What is the biggest gold nugget ever found?

the Welcome Stranger
Holtermann ‘Nugget’: 10,229oz. While the Welcome Stranger is the largest gold nugget ever discovered, the single biggest gold specimen ever found is the Holtermann. Dug up in October 1872 by German miner Bernhardt Holtermann at Hill End in New South Wales, it was crushed, and the gold extracted.

Where to start gold prospecting?

A lot of commercial and recreational prospecting takes place on BLM lands . The agency is a good place to start in determining where you can legally look for gold on public land. Start by contacting the BLM state office near the location where you want to prospect.

Where is the best place to search for gold?

Oregon – The best places to look for gold is Oregon is along the borders of western California and Idaho. California – The eastern half of the California is particularly rich with gold.

Where to find gold nuggets in Arizona?

Gold Nugget Detecting In Arizona. The desert areas of Arizona are ideally located for nugget hunting. Rich placers have been found in several parts of Arizona, the best known are located at: Lynx Creek, Weaver (Rich Hill), La Paz and Greaterville, but smaller placer gold deposits are found all over the western part of the state.

Where are the gold mines in Arizona?

The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (also known by similar names) is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States. The location is generally believed to be in the Superstition Mountains, near Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, Arizona.