Can you just buy Young Living?

You can purchase Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils in one of two ways: as a Wholesale Member or Retail Customer. Retail customers pay full price for products with no kits to buy. The kit itself includes the Premium Essentials Oils ($150 value) and a free diffuser ($84+ value) and more!

Can you be a Young Living member without essential rewards?

It’s certainly NOT required to join essential rewards to become a Young Living member and receive your 24% off member pricing.

How do I order from Young Living?

Young Living Essential Oils: 2 Ways to Buy

  1. You can choose a retail membership, which works exactly like any other online shopping: click around, choose your products, add to cart, and checkout. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  2. The other choice is a wholesale membership, which works more like Amazon prime or Costco.

Can you order Young Living Online?

You can find Young Living’s Product Guide online, which features an array of essential oils, diffusers, personal care items, and more! Dig deep on these products with descriptive pages chock-full of usage tips, information on product background, and all their benefits!

Do you have to be a member of young living?

A: No. Although many people we know make income by sharing about Young Living health options with their friends and family, this is not required. Most Young Living members simply purchase the products for their own use or for gifts.

How to contact Young Living International not for resale?

Live Help for International Not For Resale – English When e-mailing Young Living, please include your first and last name, member number, and 4-digit PIN/security code so that we can help you as fully and quickly as possible. Customer Service [email protected]

Is there an essential oil company called Young Living?

Young Living is that company. They have been around for more than 20 years and the only essential oil company that owns farms all over the world (including France, Oman, Ecuador, and here in the U.S.) and oil distilleries. In fact, Young Living built the first essential oil distillery in the U.S.

How to get free products from Young Living?

Get freebies from Young Living when you spend 190, 250 or 300 PV. These are updated monthly but are usually oils, supplements, skin care products, and more and have huge value – like $100+ worth of products for free. Just email me ([email protected]) if you want to know what the specials are this month