Can you add sounds to alesis Nitro?

Can You Add Sounds To Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum Set. The Nitro module is a preset drum kit with 385 superior drum samples, percussion sounds, and crash cymbal. Using these, you can easily create or add your custom samples, or twist them to sound like those of an acoustic drum kit with acoustic drum heads.

Do Roland pads work on Alesis?

As for pads, yes the Roland pads will work and are better in general. But I mean I think Alesis has done a damn good job with their high end drumsets. So whatever you do for the module and pads you should be satisfied.

What cymbals work with Alesis?

Surge Cymbals are compatible with many drum modules on the market including those manufactured by Roland™, Yamaha™, Ddrum™, and, of course, Alesis. Surge Cymbals can also be used to trigger sounds on any MIDI instrument using a “Trigger to MIDI” interface such as the Alesis Trigger IO module.

Are Alesis drum modules interchangeable?

Most modules and pads are interchangeable. When you get to the stereo pads where you have a separate rim shot and center pad or a two stage cymbal you will need to be sure you are using stereo cables or you won’t get one or the other effect.

Does Alesis Nitro have choke?

Alesis Nitro Cymbal Expansion Set: 10 Inch Cymbal with Choke, 22in Cymbal Arm, Rack Clamp and 10ft TRS Cable (10 inch Cymbal w/Choke – 22in Arm)

Can you mix and match electronic drums?

With E-Drum components, your own combinations and configurations can be easily put together. As a core element you need a drum module. This is then combined with rubber pads or mesh heads – mount the whole thing on a rack and there you are.

Are electronic drum heads interchangeable?

Re: Electronic drums pads – Are they interchangeable between brands? Yes.

Do Yamaha cymbals work with Alesis Module?

Re: What brands work with Alesis? Yamaha single zone pads and cymbals, like TP65 and PCY65 should work with no problems.

Does alesis Strike Pro come with hi hat stand?

One big downside to buying the Strike Pro is the fact that you have supply your own kick pedal and hi-hat stand. The pedal is no problem for me, but I think they should supply some sort of hi-hat stand honestly.

Does Alesis Nitro mesh kit fold?

Each drum and cymbal is mounted to the Alesis drum rack which comes with the Nitro Kit. This rack is lightweight and flexible. One of the advantages of the Nitro Kit is that it can be neatly folded away after use, and for transportation.

Can you expand Alesis Nitro mesh kit?

The easy-to-use Nitro module is carried over from the original Nitro Kit. And you can expand the Nitro Mesh Kit to a 10-piece configuration with four toms and four cymbals using the extra Tom 4 and Crash 2 trigger pad inputs.