Can Skype be logged in two places?

While it’s not possible to run more than one instance of Skype on the same device at the same time, there are still a few ways you can access more than one account at a time: Use multiple devices: Sign into your work account on your PC, and your personal account on your phone for example.

Can I see if someone is logged into my Skype account?

There’s no option or way for Skype users to check on their login history on Skype. You may think someone might have accessed your account, you may refer to this FAQs article below.

Why do I have 2 Skype accounts?

One possible reason why you are seeing two accounts under one email address is because you might have signed in to Skype using your account’s associated email address instead of your Skype Name without merging them first, thus resulting to a new Skype account.

Can someone else use my Skype account?

Yes, you can share Skype products and features you purchase with your Skype contacts using Skype Manager. Simply create your Skype Manager account and add your friends as your Skype Manager members.

Can two Skype accounts on same computer?

However, running two instances of Skype allows you to have two Skype accounts on one computer. This lets you use one Skype account for business phone calls, for example, and another account for personal communications.

Can you have two Skype accounts on same email?

Don’t have that yet either? You can easily download it right from Note that you can have more than one Skype account with the same email address, Also pay attention to the checkboxes on the bottom: make sure you check off what you want and no more, so you don’t have to get any unwanted email.

Does Skype reveal my location?

I was shocked to learn that Skype reveals callers’ locations. I immediately reviewed the Privacy setting on my Android phone but the only setting that seems relevant is “Share my location with Bing”.

How can I tell if my Skype is being monitored?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track down people who have been checking your online status on Skype.

How do I delete a second Skype account?

  1. Step 1: Visit Microsoft’s account closure page. Go to Microsoft’s account closure page to begin the process of deleting your Skype account.
  2. Step 2: Verify your identity.
  3. Step 3: Double-check before proceeding.
  4. Step 4: Review for closure.
  5. Step 5: Click Done.

How many devices can use Skype?

Skype is designed to work across multiple types of devices at the same time. For example, you may run the program on your phone, tablet, work laptop and home desktop: you can be signed in to the same account on all devices at the same time.

How do I terminate my Skype account?

To permanently delete your Skype account, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Skype app on your Desktop.
  2. Click your Skype name, in the top left corner, and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the right-side panel, scroll down and click Close your account.
  4. Re-enter your password to verify your account.

Can a Skype account be logged out on a different device?

If you log in someone’s Skype account on a separate device, then log out on the same device that you originally logged in on, will it log out on the other person’s device? No it will not.

Can you have multiple Skype accounts at the same time?

Answer Wiki. Multiple devices can be logged into a single Skype account at the same time. Skype handles this particularly well. Let me explain with a realistic example: You can use your mobile phone, your tablet and your computer on the one Skype account at the same time. If there’s an incoming call, all devices will ring,…

How do I sign in to another Skype account?

Skype also offers a “secondary” option on Linux. To open another Skype instance, launch a terminal (or press Alt+F2 to access your desktop’s run dialog ), and run either of the following commands: Run the command again to open even more Skype instances. As on Windows and Mac, you can sign into each Skype window with a separate user account.

Where can I sign in to Skype on my computer?

This has become easier now that there’s a web version of Skype available. The web version even supports voice and video chats on Windows and Mac OS X. If you’re already running Skype on your computer, you can simply open the Skype web app at and log in with a secondary user account.