Can HTC phone be repaired?

HTC will provide a pre-paid label to ship your in-warranty device to our repair center. HTC will also cover the return shipment to yourself after repair. However, you will be responsible for shipping charges to and from our repair center if the device is no longer in warranty or the fault is not covered by warranty.

How much should a phone repair cost?

Expect a simple repair to cost around $49 but a more difficult one to be $100 or more. Rush repairs or quick delivery for mail order service can increase prices significantly—anywhere from $20 to $100 more for the convenience of getting your phone back faster.

How can I repair my HTC phone software?


  1. Ensure the wireless device:
  2. Ensure the Software Upgrade Assistant (SUA) software is installed.
  3. Connect your device to a computer that has HTC Sync Manager installed.
  4. Click Repair.
  5. From the Software Repair Assistant (SRA) page, select the applicable device then click Repair.

How do I contact HTC?

Wildfire Customer Service

  1. Email. Mail us.
  2. Customer Care. 1860-120-00482.

How old is HTC U11?

First released U11: June 2017 U11+: November 2017
Predecessor HTC 10
Successor HTC U12+
Related HTC U Play, HTC U Ultra

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a phone?

In general, our opinion is that repairing your device is more efficient and money-saving. For the money part, most common fixes are way cheaper than replacing the device or purchasing a new one.

What is considered physical damage on phones?

Device damage examples include, but are not limited to: Broken Charging Ports. Cracked, Broken or Bleeding Display. Hardware Modifications.

Does the HTC One have a removable battery?

Does the HTC One have a removable battery? The lack of a removable battery represents one of the biggest blown opportunities for the HTC One Max. The One Max rocks a large 3,300 mAh battery, which HTC said should be hefty enough to get through a workday.

What is the price of HTC mobile battery?

RJR 3000mAh Mobile Battery for HTC ONE X9

M.R.P.: ₹1,999.00
Price: ₹1,299.00
You Save: ₹700.00 (35%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Where can I get cell phone repair in London?

Cellular Magician also serves in 6 store locations within Ontario.… Mobile Klinik Professional Smartphone Repair is one of the authentic cell phone repair companies chain established in London, Canada. They have professionally trained and qualified technicians to handle various repair services.

Where can I get phone repair from HTC?

If you need help with fault diagnosis, SIM issues, physical damage, whatever the problem, call on a PhoneMend technician for the highest quality of service at the most reasonable prices. High Tech Computer Corporation, or HTC, is a consumer electronics firm that was founded in 1997, and has headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Which is the best repair shop for cell phones?

The shop gives fast turnaround service and on-site, on-demand repairs. Cellular Magician provides services to help customer mobile devices run as smoothly. They have fixed over 65000 cracked screens and more than 110000 successful repair services.

When did the HTC One touch screen come out?

By 2011, the HTC One series, which was a slate format and had touchscreen operation, came onto the market to critical acclaim. Both series are still in manufacture, and constantly being improved and refreshed. Our walk in repair service is when you bring your HTC phone to us.