Are there any Elvis records worth money?

Elvis Presley – Complete Sun Records: $32,500 (£27,612) Mint condition copies sell for thousands of dollars, but the most valuable feature a misprinted upside-side ‘207’ on the B-side. Meanwhile, a complete set of Elvis’ five Sun records 7″s are listed for as much as $32,500 (£27,612) on eBay.

What is the most expensive Elvis Presley record?

An acetate copy of My Happiness, the first song Elvis Presley ever recorded, has been auctioned for a total price of $300,000 (£200,000). Elvis’ first recording, and one of the most valuable records of all time, was sold in an auction yesterday to coincide with what would have been The King’s 80th birthday.

Are Elvis 45 records worth anything?

Elvis only produced five 45 RPM records for his first label, Sun Records, and they are the most sought-after of all his albums. Some individual 45s have fetched over a thousand dollars at auction, with most mint Sun records worth at least $500.

How many gold records did Elvis have?

171 gold
Elvis Presley (USA, 1935–77) had earned 171 gold, 94 platinum and 34 multi-platinum discs – 299 awards in total – for his albums and singles as of 21 March 2018, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Are Frank Sinatra records worth anything?

Who will buy my 45 records?…What Frank Sinatra albums are worth money?

Album Title Information Price
Sinatra Special 2-Record Set Stereo Recorded on Capitol PTP-2064 SPCB3492 $15.00
(Frank Sinatra Sings) The Select Johnny Mercer Rainbow Label Recorded on Capitol W 1984 $10.00
Some Nice Things I’ve Missed Recorded on Reprise R 2195 $8.00

How do I find out what my records are worth?

Vinyl records value is determined by a number of factors, including condition, scarcity, the name of the artist, and a host of other things, both obvious and obscure.

How do I know if my old records are worth money?

Label Variations One album, 6 labels. One is worth $10; one is worth $10,000! A significant factor in determining a vinyl record’s value is the label on the record itself. A given album or single might have been released with several different labels on the disc itself, even among releases by the same record company.

How many records did Elvis sell?

Some 1.1 billion records and 150 albums have been sold throughout the world by Elvis Presley.

Who sold more records Elvis Presley or the Beatles?

In terms of numbers, The Beatles have sold 42.5 million more albums in the U.S. than Elvis, yet Elvis sold 25.5 million more singles than The Beatles.

What is the value of Elvis Presley records?

RCA signed Elvis Presley to their label in 1955, and many of his singles and LPs are quite valuable. Records from his pre-military service era, especially those with hit songs, can bring in anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars each.

What record labels did Elvis record under?

It is the second-oldest record label in American history, after sister label Columbia Records . The RCA catalogue includes records by influential artists such as Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Nina Simone, Buddy Guy, and Sam Cooke.