Are Remington 7600 still made?

The Remington Model 7600 is a series of pump-action centerfire rifles made by Remington Arms. The Model 7600 is a progression from the original Model 760 pump-action rifle which Remington produced from 1952 to 1981….

Remington Model 7600
Produced 1981–present
Variants see variants
Mass 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)

What caliber is a Remington 7600?

Remington 7600

Remington model 7600 rifle Remington model 7600P Police carbine
Caliber(s) .243Win, .270Win, .308Win, .30-06 .308Win / 7.62x51mm
Weight unloaded 3.4 kg / 7.5lbs 3.18 kg / 7lbs
Length 1082 mm / 42.6″ 953 mm / 37.5″
Barrel length 559 mm / 22″ 420 mm / 16.5″

Which Remington rifle is the best?

1. Model 700 CDL. The Remington 700 CDL is a premium hunting rifle that’s based off the traditional design of the Model 700 which was introduced in 1962. It’s hailed as being an incredibly accurate and dependable rifle, which is why it’s become one of the most favored guns among hunters and collectors.

Is Remington 7400 a good gun?

The consensus on the 7400 is that they can be finicky, and they have to be kept very clean, but the 7400 has shot a lot of deer over the years, including today’s rifle. Jake, the owner, gets bonus points for his excellent throwback choice of optic and low rings.

Are Remington 7600 rifles accurate?

Although you might not want to take this gun on your next western hunt in vast open country, it is very accurate in those short to mid ranges. The Remington 7600 is more than capable of shooting accurately out to 200 yards with a scope.

Do they still make pump rifles?

Pumping Lead Today. Italian manufacturer Davide Pedersoli currently builds Colt Lightning replicas in several calibers and barrel lengths. The only other centerfire pump rifles being made today are the Remington 7600 and an interesting AR variation made by Troy Industries.

How accurate is the Remington 7600?

Who makes pump-action rifles?

Pump-Action Rifles | Remington.

Are Remington guns worth more now?

Remington shotgun prices are unaffected, with prices holding steady and maybe even slightly declining. Model 1100 12- and 20-gauge shotguns in good condition still run about $500. Exceptions are those in new condition, with box and paperwork. Their prices have soared and are now around $1,300-$1,500.

Are Remington guns good?

Remington 870: The Standard By Which Pump Guns Are Judged No other scattergun has sold as many units, nor is known for being as reliable or shooting as well relative to the low price of entry, which is as low as $300 in some stores. It’s a great home defense or tactical gun in that guise.

How many rounds does a Remington 7400 hold?

10 rounds
Expect that with this mag and the Remington 7400. 10 shots in one: Each clip holds 10 rounds that you don’t have to use in one set. You can use three while still having seven before you need to check your gun.

Is the Remington 750 a good rifle?

The Remington 750 Woodsmaster is one of the best-looking hunting rifles ever made. Compared to previous models such as the 740, 742, and 7400, this gun features an updated buttstock to meet modern standards. The gun also features a custom black pistol grip cap to improve the shooter’s hold of the gun.

Is the Remington 7600 still a popular rifle?

Despite Remington’s bankruptcy, those who appreciate pump-action rifles are still flocking to the Remington 7600. Despite Remington’s bankruptcy, those who appreciate pump-action rifles are still flocking to the Remington 7600.

When did the Remington 760 Gamemaster come out?

By 1952, the Remington 760 Gamemaster was introduced. The rifle won running deer competitions in Oslo, Norway, and went on to become an important rifle in the American hunting field. The fast handling and slim profile of the lever-action rifle cannot be contested, but the pump-action shotgun was also immensely popular.

Which is the most popular Remington hunting rifle?

The most popular hunting rifle is the bolt-action, with the lever-action and self-loading having many adherents. We seldom see a pump-action in the deer camp. Those using the Remington 7600 tend to be experienced hunters.

Can a Remington 7600 be used with peep sights?

Additionally, the 7600 is very comfortable to carry one-handed when using peep sights because you can easily grab onto the receiver and your thumb can wrap around the top of the receiver for maximum comfort. When using a scope you can’t grab around the top of the receiver, so you need to carry it from the bottom of the receiver or two-handed.