Are brave soul jackets warm?

Also, the shoulders are a bit tight, but I have found this to be case with most jackets I try on, so it is probably more a reflection of myself and my tastes than the jacket. Otherwise, it is very warm and very comfortable.

What is the brand brave soul?

Brave Soul is the core brand of UK based Whispering Smith, a leading manufacturer of innovative fashion clothing for all major high street stores and e-tailers across the globe. Established in 2003, Brave Soul was born out of a desire to offer affordable men’s and women’s designer fashion that goes beyond the norm.

Are brave soul jackets waterproof?

And the main thing is that it is waterproof, tried it on my way to work this morning! Received it within 24hours.

Is brave soul trendy?

The brand is known for its fashionable, casual pieces that are fit for everyday use. Designed with passion and commitment to exquisite designs, the brand offers clothing pieces that are within very reasonable prices.

Are brave soul good?

Overall rating: Not good enough Brave Soul is rated Not good enough. Brands are rated from 1 (We Avoid) to 5 (Great).

Is Jack and Jones a good brand?

Jack and Jones is a great brand, and it is the main Danish lifestyle clothing brand that offers high-quality, stylish and cool garments for both men and women at a price mid-market price. Its fresh and cool collections are aimed at 18-30-year-olds who want to wear casual clothing but with a contemporary twist.

Who owns brave soul clothing?

Whispering Smith
UK fast fashion wholesale importers and suppliers Whispering Smith, owner and distributor of young fashion brand Brave Soul, has reported buoyant sales and a huge surge of over 2,000 new accounts since COVID-19 struck.

Who owns Brave Soul clothing?

Is brave soul an ethical brand?

Brave Soul is rated ‘Not good enough’ overall.

Is Mckenzie a designer brand?

Mckenzie is an original UK leisure sportswear brand established in 1974. Street inspired and driven by the youth culture, this brand has a fashion edge, and a mix of bold graphics, branding and pop colors.

Is Superdry still fashionable?

Superdry is now found in more than 100 countries worldwide – and has has the backing of celebrities such as David Beckham and Idris Elba. But in the past year or so, it has come across hard times with sluggish sales and profits as it lagged behind in fashion and online retail trends.

Are Brave Soul good?