Are BMW E30 going up in value?

Prices have been steadily rising on all E30’s in recent years. Expect to pay around $3,000-$4,000 on a decent condition 318i or 325e, and $5,000-$6,000 for a 325i. Double these prices if you want a car in really good condition.

What is the rarest BMW E30?

Roberto Ravaglia edition E30 M3
When it comes to classic cars, there is rare, and there is super rare. The Roberto Ravaglia edition E30 M3 is the rarest of all E30 M3s, with a production run of just 25, made exclusively for the UK market (BMW designate the 480 Cecotto editions and 25 Ravaglia editions together hence the plaque reading 74/505).

How much should I pay for a BMW E30?

The average cost of a BMW E30 is $9,791 , but that includes all the models like the M3 and grey-marketing Touring versions as well as the lower end 318i.

What bolt pattern is E30?

E30 3-Series Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide

Bolt Pattern Thread Pitch Center Bore
4x100mm M12x1.5mm 57.1mm

What stud pattern is BMW?

Nearly all BMWs have 5 lug bolts in a 120mm bolt circle. Beginning with the G01 7-series chassis in 2009, all G-chassis use a 5×112 bolt pattern – the same number of lug bolts but in a 8mm tighter circle. This is also the spec used by Audi, VW, and Mercedes.

Are E30 reliable?

For $5k you should be able to get a nice, well cared for E30. Reliability on them, like almost all BMWs of the era, is very good….for a 24 year old or older car.

Are E30 rare?

These round out what was sold at American dealerships, and while there exists a splendor of Euro and South Africa-only E30 models, they are beyond the scope of this buying guide. Globally, there exists no shortage of these cars: more than two million were built.

What is BMW E36?

The BMW E36 is the third generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars, and was produced from 1990 to 2000. The initial models were of the four-door sedan body style, followed by the coupe, convertible, wagon (“Touring”), hatchback (“Compact”) and the rare four-door convertible Baur TC4 in later years.

What is the offset of the E30 wheels?

The standard E30 wheel fitment is: PCD: 4×100. Centre bore: 57.1mm. Offset: ET 15-35.

What is a BMW E30?

The BMW E30 is the second generation of BMW 3 Series, which was produced from 1982 to 1994 and replaced the E21 3 Series. The model range included 2-door sedan and convertible body styles, as well as being the first 3 Series to be produced in 4-door sedan and wagon/estate body styles.

What are the wheel styles on the BMW E30?

The BMW E30 wheel style options was vast over its production life. From coupe to sedan to the M3 variants, all wheel style options are presented below. Not all wheel styles and specs were offered in all world markets. The BMW E30 3 series was the second generation 3 series, following the E21 chassis.

Are there hub caps on a BMW E30?

Also could have been assembled with plastic hub caps. Standard on base E30 M3 (Non special edition). Could be ordered as factory option on standard Euro spec M3s.

What kind of wheels does a BMW 3 series have?

Both offer a similar selection of wheels with only a few variations between models. The stock BMW wheels come in everything from a 16” to an 18” with finishes varying from the standard silver to a factory BMW chrome rim. The next step up includes the 3-Series, which is considered to be the compact executive line of vehicles.

How big of a tyre do I need for an E30?

The standard E30 wheel fitment is: When choosing your wheel, especially its size, it is important to remember the rolling radius; the overall size of the wheel including tyres. The standard wheel and tyre fitted to the E30 was a 185/65R14, giving a rolling radius of 298mm. If running the 15″ BBS, the tyre size was 205/55R15.