Are Autocruise motorhomes still made?

Autocruise Used Motorhomes for Sale In 2008 Autocruise was purchased by SWIFT HOLDINGS who manufacture the well known Swift range of motorhomes. The expertise available is now ‘second-to-none’ in the UK. Over the past nine years, as part of the Swift group, the Autocruise brand has gone from strength to strength.

How long is the Autocruise Vista?

Autocruise Vista sizes

Spec Metres Feet
Length 4.8m 15.744 ft
Width 2.18m 7.1504 ft
Height 2.82m 9.2496 ft

How long is a Autocruise Valentine?

Autocruise Valentine sizes

Spec Metres Centremetres
Length 5.44m 544 cm
Width 2.18m 218 cm
Height 2.82m 282 cm

What happened to Autocruise?

The group has closed one of its production sites, in response to what it says is a “prolonged turbulent political and economic climate”. The company’s Mexborough site in South Yorkshire, formerly the home of Autocruise until Swift bought the company in 2007, has been closed down.

Where are Autocruise motorhomes made?

South Yorkshire
Autocruise is a luxury motorhome manufacturer based in Mexborough, South Yorkshire. Established in 1998, Autocruise developed a strong reputation in the motorhome industry, designing well-known and well-loved motorhomes.

Do they still make Abbey caravans?

Since late 2008 Swift Leisure has dropped the Abbey and Ace brands of touring caravans. Within the Swift International division, the company has operations in Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

What happened to sterling caravans?

In 2018, the Sterling name was dropped and the range was rebranded as the Swift Eccles. This was followed in 2019 by the Swift design team giving the Eccles a celebratory make-over, complete with ‘100 years’ badge.

When did Swift buy Autocruise?

2007. Swift acquires Autocruise Motorhomes in South Yorkshire, together with the factory in Mexborough.

Who bought Abbey caravans?

With a long and chequered past Abbey caravans have come under the management of numerous companies over the years. The brand originally came under the ownership of Sam Alper’s Caravans International, and was then bought by Cosalt – a major player in the UK caravan market.

Who makes sterling Europa caravans?

Swift Group
The Sterling Europa was Swift Group’s trendy portfolio of tourers.

Is Abbey a good caravan?

Abbey caravans are still widely available on the used and second hand market and have a reputation as good value, family caravans.

Is Sterling Europa a good caravan?

Generally well-built, these caravans are durable and have few problems. The Sterling Europa 500/5 pictured was in good order and only the hob had signs of rust, while the soft furnishings had worn well. The Europa range is worth looking out for if you want to buy used caravan with Continental flair!