Are alpaca socks worth it?

They are better than merino wool – 4 times warmer, wick moisture better, last for years, and are soft, to boot. You can slip them on and feel your feet getting toasty warm almost immediately. You’ll likely pay a little more for a pair of Alpaca socks than for merino, but the quality and performance is worth it.

What is alpaca socks?

Alpaca is a hollow core fiber so it acts like an insulator keeping the warm air around around your feet while wicking away moisture. Alpaca is warmer than wool and hypoallergenic so it won’t be itchy like some wool socks. Try a pair today and discover why our alpaca socks set a new level in warmth and comfort.

Are alpaca socks ethical?

Our ultimate conclusion is a resounding yes: pure alpaca wool is a humane, ethical, eco-friendly choice for soft, durable socks and other clothing. They also keep you warm in the cool seasons while breathing easy in warmer weather too.

Are alpaca socks warmer than merino wool?

When compared to merino wool, alpaca is softer, stronger, warmer, and retains less water. It’s also a more environmentally sustainable option when you look at the overall impact. Softer: Alpaca fibers have a smoother and more uniform surface then merino, so they are less “prickly” to the touch.

Is 100% alpaca good for socks?

Alpaca is therefore a great choice for something as worn prone as socks due to its strength, insulating core and smooth surface. Alpaca blends well with other natural and synthetic fibers and blended alpaca socks actually offer a number of advantages over say, a 100% alpaca sock.

How long do alpaca socks last?

We have found that alpaca socks wash beautifully and there is no shrinkage at all, ever. We have socks that have been worn and washed for five years and they are still perfect. Our basic instructions: Wash on a 30/40°C wool cycle.

Do alpaca socks shrink?

Alpaca products, including socks, can shrink when improper care is given. Alpaca tends to shrink when exposed to direct heat, hot water, or water of changing temperatures. Friction may also damage alpaca fibers, resulting in felting or the fibers losing its shape.

How do you wash alpaca socks?

Our basic instructions:

  1. Wash on a 30/40°C wool cycle.
  2. Can be washed gently by hand in tepid water with a short spin.
  3. Wash dark colours separately.
  4. Reshape while damp.
  5. Do not bleach.
  6. Dry naturally – they do take 24 hours to air dry properly.
  7. Do not dry on direct heat such as a radiator or Aga.
  8. Do not tumble dry.

Is alpaca more sustainable than cashmere?

Alpaca is considered a more sustainable fiber, and is often recommended over wool and cashmere.

Is it cruel to use alpaca wool?

San Pedro de Macorís Alpacas need their fleece to be cut in order to avoid health risks and sheering them is therefore not cruel. While the shearing process can be stressful, it should never be harmful, as long as shearers practise caution. Cepu Alpacas are generally not mass-farmed and live in their natural habitat.

Is alpaca as warm as cashmere?

Similar to cashmere, alpaca is a natural fiber with a silky, luxurious feel; it is just as warm and soft as cashmere, but even more durable. Alpaca fibers are hollow with an insulating core that makes them both warm and breathable. Alpaca fleece contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic.

Does alpaca wool make good socks?

Why are alpaca socks made in the UK?

Manufactured in the UK from the finest Alpaca fleece, our Alpaca sock ranges are made from lanolin-free fibres. These make them hypoallergenic – ideal for those who are traditionally unable to wear wool-based socks. WHY ALPACA? THE BENEFITS CATEGORIES All Alpaca Socks Everyday Socks Walking Socks Country Socks Lounge Socks Small Feet

What kind of socks are made in the UK?

The epitome of luxury from fleece to foot: our Alpaca socks make your feet feel positively pampered while providing all the practicality you expect. Our Alpaca and Mohair socks are made in the UK by highly experienced craftsmen using the very best of traditional and modern techniques.

What kind of socks are John Arbon made of?

Just because they are warm and comfy and made from natural fibres which are better for your feet and for the environment…. Arbon Socks (previously part of John Arbon Textiles) is a small business based in Somerset. We produce luxury socks made from natural fibres including alpaca and British wools.

Why do alpacas have fleece on their feet?

Alpacas are bred in Peruvian highlands coping with extreme temperatures. Their fleece is light weight and holds high insulating properties. The Alpaca fibre allows for breathability and moisture absorption from the skin allowing your feet to always remain fresh and comfortable at the right temperature.