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With a little extra thought and effort, the environmentally conscientious bride and groom can find many ways in which a wedding can maintain all of its beauty and sense of tradition, and still work to preserve Mother Earth.

Come on in and plan your environmentally friendly wedding. The time has come–You are Getting Married!! Hurrah!!! You will look back on your wedding day over and over through the course of your life. What do you want to think about? How do you want to remember it? Do you want to cringe at all the money that was spent? Or do you want to think of the message that you gave. You may never have all your friends and family together in one place at one time ever again. You may never have the chance to tell them what is important to you.

For my own October wedding, even as we tried, we ended up spending too much money. I bought I dress, I didn’t end up wearing. The photographer was too expensive and we got a bunch of boring shots. But there were a lot of things we did right!! We said our vows outside in a very cool spot in a park. Our reception was close by in at a community theater. Our caterers were local, we had our flowers done by a woman we met in the dog park. (they were beautiful!!) our favors were small watercolors painted by my husband who is an artist. Our rehearsal dinner was in a pizza parlor. All things that I would do again if I could.

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