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Environmentally Friendly Wedding Ring

Saying "I love you and I will be yours forever" can be done simply and elegantly in a number of eco friendly ways as you pick your wedding rings. However NONE of them, involve purchasing a new diamond. According to the website, No Dirty Gold, Gold mining is one of the dirtiest businesses in the world. The production of one simple gold ring results in 20 tons of mine waste.

Still thinking just one little teeny weeny diamond (mine!!) won't make a differece?

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Blood Diamonds: Every Bride's Best Friend


Enough of that depressing stuff, You'r getting married!! and the good news is that there are many eco friendly rings out there as alternatives!!


First off don't forget the wonderful styles available in vintage. Check ebay and local jewelry stores to see the many options and prices available.

ApolloRings is a man made alternative to diamonds.

Chicago Joinery - eco conscious wooden jewelry --really beautiful, unique, handcrafted rings.

Cred Jewellery specializes in fair trade gold wedding rings and diamond engagement rings that are from certified community mines. They also do a lot of custom work.

Leber Jeweler Inc. - The Earthwise Jewelry Collection uses 18K gold and platinum processed from reclaimed sources. Designed with environmental and fair labor concerns and hand-fabricated by expert craftspeople.

GreenKarat specializes in ecologically responsible jewelry. They have a large assortment of recycled gold wedding rings and do custom work as well.

Sumiche Jewelry Co. is the only company in the U.S. using Certified Green Gold and Platinum. Their handrafted jewelry is created from Certified Fair Trade/Eco-Gold and Platinum. All diamonds are certified Conflict Free.

Touch Wood Rings displays many options of wood rings which many feel are a great symbol of your ommitment to the environment and to the concept of simple living.

Rings made from coconut are unique, lightweight and strong. Cocoloco has many colors and shapes available.

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