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A great addition to the eco-friendly favors on the tables is to pull the "green" theme into your centerpieces. Table decor can take the form of small perenials or baby bushes that can later by planted by your guests. If you are looking for a vessel for the center of your table to hold sea shells or colorful rocks, consider vases made from recycled glass or a bamboo bowl, due to renewable tendencies.

VivaTerra. has a centerpiece item that is cast from real twigs, and created in recycled metal . The design of twisting branches ingeniously intertwine with the stems of flowers you insert into their base to create an instant floral arrangement.

Recycled Glassworks has some beautiful original bowls created from recycled glass. The colors and patterns are yummy and will allow you plenty of creativity when it comes to filling the center of the table.

For my own New England October wedding, we filled twig baskets (from Pier 1 Imports) with many different varieties and colors of apples. Guests took the apples home and leftovers were brought to the local homeless shelter. (Ask a guest beforehand to take on this charge.)


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