A fun way to bring the natural theme to your wedding, this tree ring with pink faux flower and ribbon makes a picturesque ring pillow for your wedding day.

The tree rings are made to order, sanded and preserved with wood stain. They are about 4” in diameter and 1” thick, so not as chunky as they look in the photo. The ribbons come in the color of your choice.

Tree Ring Pillows cost $19.99 from the Little Wee Shop on Etsy.

4co friendly wedding ring
I love these! …made from walrus ivory adorned with recycled gold and conflict and devastation free diamonds diamonds from artist Monique Pean. Pean collaborates with Alaska Native Eskimos for this eco friendly sustainable walrus ivory. She donates 10% of the profits to the Alaska Native Arts Foundation to educate and train the next generation of Alaska’s Native artists.
$1000.00 at Monique Pean

[Via The Carrotbox]

recycled gold

Green Karat, the makers of eco-friendly wedding and commitment rings have started a new earth saving program. Getting married? …ask all your friends and relatives to donate old jewelry (broken chains, the one remaining earring, the unused class ring, etc.) to be recycled and remade into your wedding rings. Reusing your gold means that you won’t create any demand for additional mining, plus you’ll create keepsake rings embedded with the love of family and friends. They even have the online tools set up so that you can create a registry and invite friends and family to recycle on your behalf. Click to get the details of the program at My Karat.

Not to mention that Green Karat make beautiful handcrafted rings and they are open to custom work as well.


ecofriendly wedding rings

A new place to get ethical wedding jewelry and their selection is fantastic. Ingle and Rhode only buy gold that is produced without mercury or cyanide and their platinum is 100% recycled. Their diamonds come from Canada and are free from conflict.
Ingle & Rhode
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Beautiful handcrafted wooden rings. Custom work is available. Rings are created from salvaged lumber. One of the rings is made from Ancient Kauri which is the world’s oldest wood at 50,000 years old and was recovered from New Zealand.

Chicago Joinery is the website and rings are available for purchase at Etsy.

eco friendly wedding ringJust learned about Cred Jewellery. A UK outfit that is on the short list as one of 10 companies in the ‘Most Ethical Retailer’ award category. They do a lot of custom work as well.

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