These are beautiful! So refreshing to use recycled glass as the material to hold your wedding table place cards. Imagine one in front of every place setting with the names of your guests in beautiful calligraphy on little white cards. These are made from recycled glass and are Fair Trade from India. They are available in two different finishes: clear or rustic silver. They are 2.5″ tall.
$4.00 each at EarthLoverShopping

If you’d like to round out the theme of using recycled glass in several areas of your green wedding, have a look at these classic Hanging Lanterns. The shape is elegant and classic. Beautiful to light the way as you enter in to your new married life.
$13.00 at EarthLoverShopping

Organic wines are the only possible choice for a green wedding. After all when you’ve gone to the trouble of sourcing eco-friendly products, tree-free invitations and sumptuous organic food, it would be a shame if the wines weren’t also earth-friendly.

The Organic Wine Company sources certified organic wines from all over the world. All their wines are made from certified organically grown grapes. Some are also biodynamically grown and there is also a vegan range of wines, produced with no exposure to animal derivatives at any stage of the wine-making process.

Whether you’re after a French sparkling wine, an Italian red, or a new world cabernet, there is a fine selection at affordable prices.

Organic food is essential if you are planning a really green wedding. Forget about lentils and tofu, organic wedding caterers these days provide sumptuous feasts every bit as sophisticated as you’d expect for a formal wedding and can wow your guests with both flavors and presentation.

Back to Earth organic catering in San Francisco offer a passionately eco-friendly wedding service that can be tailored to your special requirements. If you want vegan, they can oblige; organic meat and sustainable fish, no problem. They support small local farmers and growers and bring a touch of elegance to your carefully planned green wedding.

If you live elsewhere, look out for your local organic caterers. Some of them are tied to specific venues while others can cater for your wedding anywhere, be it a rustic picnic in an orchard of spring blossom, or a superb feast in a characterful historic building.

You can custom order these cute little birds and cake base in the map location(s) of your choice! How fun would that be if you and your beau are from two very different locations? These are also available made from recycled books for you bibliophiles and from recycled sheet music for musicians. A great way to bring in your unique personality into your reception for everyone to see.
$130.00 at CottonBirdDesigns’s Etsy Shop

solar votive candle
If you are planning an outdoor wedding this summer, these hand-blown glass votives could be a perfect table ornament for some lovely mood lighting.
$36.99 for one votive at Earth Tech Products
These solar lanterns (from the same company, Allsop Home and Garden) are solar as well and can be hung from trees or can be carried for a little extra light on the path. Just stunning.
$39.99 at HGTV Marketplace

Created by Haitian artists from recycled metal drums, these votive candle holders are just the right size for table centerpieces or wedding party gifts.
$19.99 at Are Naturals

A possible way to get your candid shots without the eco-heavy guilt??
A disposable camera on every table at the reception… that’s a lot of waste! Someone cleverly found a way to make those disposable cameras re-usable. All the inside stuff has been refurbished, and the outside is made of heavy-duty cardstock. So they will work like a brand new disposable camera, and won’t have a recycled look. Available in pastel pink and white. Personally, if I wanted a bunch of candid shots, I’d skip these disposable cameras and tell all my friends and family to bring their digital cameras. Then after the wedding, I’d email account information at flickr, photobucket, picassa …or something similar….then everyone could have fun uploading their shots and seeing everyone else’s photos.
$3.49 each at The Knot

Organic Champagne

The Fleur de l’Europe Brut is an award-winning organic champagne that you and your guests can drink without a nagging conscience. No pesticides to contaminate Mother Earth. Just a rich and elegant – and earth-friendly – taste you’ll love. A green plus, this champagne was made in a biodynamic winery (meaning it’s self-sustaining.) Champagne with a low carbon footprint!
$74.99 from EcoExpress
Organic sparkling wine and other types of champagne are also available (including less expensive options.)

Created from recycled wood taken from larger jobs from joineries, these eco-friendly place holders will work to show folks where to sit and also provide a keepsake of your special day.
For prices and information: at Timber Tags

tree free wedding photo album
This tree free photo album is made entirely from the bark of the Lokta, a shrub found in Nepal. It has 40 pages of black paper to mount your favorite photos. Comes in your choice of burgundy, navy, green, purple or red.
$22.50 at Vegan Unlimited

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