If a white silk wedding dress is your dream, you can make it come true without troubling your eco-friendly conscience. Andie McGuire makes simple and elegant wedding dresses from wild silk, silk from cocoons gathered from the wild after the moth has emerged which is completely natural and cruelty free. She also uses hemp tencel or raw silk if you prefer.

This Iris Silk Charmeuse design has a smple and elegant line, with boning in the bodice for a perfect fit. It even has hidden pockets to keep that lace handkerchief or lucky charm safe at your side. Fully lined with organic cotton the dress is very comfortable to wear. All Andie’s wedding dresses are custom made for you to your measurements, so you need to allow 2 to 3 months for them to be completed and delivered.

It’s very affordable for a custom made silk wedding dress too, at $575 from Andie McGuire on Etsy.

White weddings can be green and your wedding dress doesn’t have to be a once-worn extravagance, destined to hang in the back of the closet hopefully, just in case your daughter might want to wear it one day!

The greenest path to a white wedding is to choose a pre-owned wedding dress. This could be a once-worn dress, a vintage dress, or even the one your mother has saved for you all these years!

Blue Sky Bridal has racks of wedding dresses to choose from and you can visit by appointment to select the one for you. After your wedding day you could choose to send your dress back to them to delight another bride another day. They accept wedding dresses that are less than 4 years old on consignment and also have vintage dresses and new dresses to choose from.

The traditional white ‘meringue’ wedding dress isn’t the beginning and end of wedding dress possibilities. An expensive dress that you will only wear once isn’t the greenest of choices and unless you have your heart set on a traditional white wedding, there are plenty of other options that you can consider.

In the mid-19th century, black was the ultra fashionable color for wedding dresses. Today some brides are bucking the trend and choosing the elegance of the little black dress for their wedding day. A black dress has the advantage of being very versatile for evening wear, so that your wedding dress can be worn again and again to smart functions and events, unlike a white wedding dress which cannot really be disguised as anything else.

If you’ve been lusting after a gorgeous designer dress or suit, splash out on that instead of a traditional wedding dress. You’ll be able to look stunning at your wedding and then enjoy wearing it many more times before it loses its appeal.

A white pant suit could be a glamorous but informal alternative to a wedding dress, or go for the color that suits you best. After all the wedding day belongs to the bride and she gets to decide the theme, so whatever you decide on is going to be right. Just choose a dress or outfit that makes you feel really special and that you can imagine wearing again for special occasions.

After all green and eco-friendly choices for your wedding dress aren’t only to do with natural fabrics. Re-using is just as important in a green lifestyle as recycling and socially conscious shopping choices. By choosing a non-traditional wedding dress or outfit that you will re-use, you will be doing your bit for the environment.

Wedding dresses made from natural materials are ideal for the eco-conscious bride. Finding natural materials that don’t cost the earth and look stunning is getting easier. Silk is no longer the only option for glamorous gowns. Conscious Clothing has introduced a range of wedding dresses in environmentally friendly fabrics, especially a luscious hemp/silk mix that looks even better than traditional wedding fabrics and feels wonderful to wear.

Dresses come in sizes 2-14 and are ordered online unless you live in the Santa Fe area, where you can have a personal fitting. To make it easier to assess the fit, Conscious Clothing offers a muslin mock-up service. For a fee of $100 which is refundable on ordering the actual dress, you receive two mock-ups of your chosen design in two sizes, or else two designs in the same size. They recommend finding a local seamstress to make any minor alterations that are needed to perfect the fit of your wedding dress. This is a far more affordable option than having your own bespoke wedding dress made, as dresses start from under $1000 and have the quality that only natural fabrics give to the fall of the material and feel.

Many different designs available from Conscious Clothing

This custom made gown is made from eco-friendly fabrics like peace silk, and hemp/silk charmeuse. You can wear it as a full length gown or the lower tier can be zipped off and a shorter version is revealed for flexibility and versatility!
$1,699.00 at NaturalBridal’s Etsy Shop

By Mary Lou Marsh, Organic Fairsewn Wedding Gowns. Top gown is made from organic cotton jersey …so comfy!! ..and can even be machine washed! …how’s that for easy to pass down to the kid-lets! The bottom gowns is created in organic cotton crepe knit, with hemp silk satin ties. A neat feature of the bottom dress is that the bottom part can be removed and you are left with a short little wrap dress that you can wear off to your honeymoon and again and again for special occasions. Prices range from $1100 to $1200.00 at Poetic Justice

From Alabama Chanin who crafts limited edition dresses and home products that are made-by-hand using a combination of new, organic and recycled materials.
The dresses are drool-worthy at http://www.alabamachanin.com/

Nice dress that can be worn about 10 different ways depending on how you wrap, twist and tie it. Beautiful fabric made from organic cotton, bamboo, and spandex jersey. You can bet that this dress would be very comfy to wear! Check out the different videos and be inspired with all the possibilities of this dress!
$360.00 at Isadora Clothing’s Etsy Shop

If you are having or are interested in having a green or eco wedding, the dress you wear and the dresses that your wedding party wear ought to be the starting point from which you will work the theme that reflects your spirit. Conscious Clothing of Santa Fe has been making environmentally and ecologically-conscious hemp, hemp/silk wedding gowns and wedding party dresses for environmentally-aware people for years. In addition, Conscious Clothing has a hemp/tence fabric perfect for the eco vegan bride. They also do custom designs.
$225.00 at Conscious Clothing

It’s hot to be green! You’re spending so much time planning your green wedding, but don’t forget about the special details of your wedding night. Most importantly, what are you going to wear?! You’ll be eco-friendly in this hot little number, made of 90% organic cotton. It’s made in the US, with US (and Turkish) grown cotton. You probably won’t be wearing it for long, but while you do, you’ll feel great knowing it’s green.
$55.00 at Faeries Dance

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