These are beautiful! So refreshing to use recycled glass as the material to hold your wedding table place cards. Imagine one in front of every place setting with the names of your guests in beautiful calligraphy on little white cards. These are made from recycled glass and are Fair Trade from India. They are available in two different finishes: clear or rustic silver. They are 2.5″ tall.
$4.00 each at EarthLoverShopping

If you’d like to round out the theme of using recycled glass in several areas of your green wedding, have a look at these classic Hanging Lanterns. The shape is elegant and classic. Beautiful to light the way as you enter in to your new married life.
$13.00 at EarthLoverShopping

Elaborate floral arrangements may be traditional at weddings but today’s green brides are thinking laterally when it comes to decorating their wedding venues.

The trouble with hot house flowers is that they are costly to produce, both in terms of the environment and in money. They are also wasteful, as they are usually discarded immediately after the event. If you want to decorate with greenery and flowers in a sustainable way, consider using trees and plants in pots that can be planted out after the event.

Young trees bearing delicate fairy lights, or flowering shrubs placed strategically around the venue will look just as stunning as more traditional arrangements. Give small saplings or pots of herbs to guests as wedding favors, having first used them as table centerpieces.

When planning this you need to give plenty of thought to where you want these plants to end up. Will you be planting them in your own yard to create an instant garden? If you are going away immediately on two weeks’ honeymoon, who will take care of the plants or plant them for you? Or perhaps you want to donate the plants to a local project, like a school garden or a tree planting charity? If so, discuss your choice of plants and trees with them to make sure that they will be suitable for the location they will be planted out in.

Decorating with trees and potted plants may be no cheaper than using cut flowers, but you will have the satisfaction of having created a new garden that will live on long after your wedding day.

Every wedding needs some flowers, but how can the eco-friendly couple find flowers that are green in the way they’re grown, as well as in their foliage? Most florists stock hot-house flowers that have been intensively grown with pesticides, often flown in from overseas, and have a heavy carbon footprint. Not only are they expensive but they also contribute to pollution and global warming. There are alternatives though, so that the bride can enjoy a bouquet of flowers that are organically grown and eco-friendly.

Organic Bouquet is an online source of flowers certified by Veri-Flora. Their roses actually smell like roses unlike many of the hot-house varieties. They use green shipping methods as well as packaging.

Of course organic flowers aren’t cheap either, so consider sourcing seasonal flowers, to supplement your organic bouquet, from small, local family-run farms, or farmers markets, which have some sort of organic or eco certification. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, grow some of your own flowers for your wedding.

Organic white roses bouquet costs $49.95 from Organic Bouquet.

solar votive candle
If you are planning an outdoor wedding this summer, these hand-blown glass votives could be a perfect table ornament for some lovely mood lighting.
$36.99 for one votive at Earth Tech Products
These solar lanterns (from the same company, Allsop Home and Garden) are solar as well and can be hung from trees or can be carried for a little extra light on the path. Just stunning.
$39.99 at HGTV Marketplace

These bowls, created by artist, Margaret Dorfman, are designed to hold a votive candle (they are not food safe) but they are such vibrant colors and imagine the conversations sparking when it is know that they are made from oranges and cantelopes! Could bring beautiful drama to your tables!
Was $42, now $29 at VivaTerra – Eco Living with Style.

Here’s a unique eco-friendly wedding idea: Send Reborn Glass the bottle from your first toast and they will create a nightlight, soap dish, or bottle stopper using pieces of this special memento as a keepsake. Their work is gorgeous and unique.

Nightlights are $38.00 at Reborn Glass

Robin’s egg-colored sugared almonds in a little nest! The name card is not included …so save time and energy to get them printed up (on post consumer recycled paper of course!) and attached to the nests.
$10.99 for 6 nests at Bliss Weddings Market

Interesting bowl hand carved from discarded root balls from Chinese fir trees. Gorgeous and organic for your centerpiece.
$49.00 for the medium at
Root Of The Earth Bowl (medium)


This is not the most eco friendly centerpiece or favor the world over…but it is a great idea and you are giving something that is ALIVE!! and I think that is worth putting out there. Comes with phlox flower seed packet or Italian Parsley.

$9.99 for each at HansonEllis

Nice picture frames made from reclaimed and recycled pine. Even the glass and cardboard for these frames has been rescued and is reused. Finished with non-toxic paint and polish.

Your purchase will help a great organization. These frames are created by a youth-based business working to help young people learn marketable skills utilizing environmentally friendly materials. Green Sage Store.

Hand Painted Environmentally Friendly Frames is definitely worth checking out since they offer a wedding registry and they have a wide variety of eco friendly products ….a somewhat strange selection …but a good one nevertheless!!

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