Fun, funky and eco-friendly, these fabulous decorated matchboxes make great containers for candy wedding favors. They are hand-crafted and adorned with colorful flower decorations which would look great in any wedding color scheme, as featured in Brides Magazine.

Fill them with candy, sugared almonds, eco-friendly confetti or even flower seeds for all your guests to take home with them.

Ivy Lane Designs use recycled materials to create a range of fun goodies. These matchboxes cost $50 for 20 from Ivy Lane Designs on Etsy.

This is so incredibly beautiful! From and Etsy artist in Latvia, these journals are made with natural wood and brown recycled paper. The ties that wrap around the closed book are made from jute. The binding (with coptic stich) is sturdy waxed linen thread. Custom engraving with your names and wedding date are included in the price. Simply gorgeous. A perfect engagement gift or wedding gift.
$95.00 USD at Crearting’s Etsy Shop

tree free wedding photo album
This tree free photo album is made entirely from the bark of the Lokta, a shrub found in Nepal. It has 40 pages of black paper to mount your favorite photos. Comes in your choice of burgundy, navy, green, purple or red.
$22.50 at Vegan Unlimited

ecofriendly wedding journal
Here’s a handmade 100% wood-free paper journal that is made from recycled cotton waste in a chemical free process. This is perfect for your guestbook, for maids presents, or a photo journal. Or you could use it to write down all your planning notes and crazy thoughts as you get closer to the big day!! 7 x 7 x 0.5 (in.)
$24.95 at World of Good

eco friendly wedding photo journal
Handmade from 100% wood-free paper. This beautiful journal is handcrafted in India and through fair trade practices it gives jobs to rural craftsmen. Great for a wedding guest book or as a wedding photo album.
$24.95 at World of Good

ecofriendly photo album
I found some great photo albums over at, which is connected to the National Geographic magazine. This one is created by artist, Dewa Gede Alit, from Indonesia and is filled with recycled paper. The album is put together with banana paper and a coconut stick. It holds 32 photos, perfect for a wedding story.
$19.99 at Novica

I picked this up at the bookstore the other night. Fun read by Emily Elizabeth Anderson. Subtitle of the book is “Simple tips to plan an environmentally friendly, socially resonsible, affordable and stylish celebration.” Whew!! that about covers all the bases!! I like the book because it is not over-the-top crazy like wear a wedding dress made from burlap. Yet, it clearly puts out some great alternatives to buying a brand new “blood diamond” and finding a different way to celebrate with style. I also like her often repeated message regarding have an elegant affair with doing less. Emily also blogs over at
$11.01 at Amazon

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