June 2008

You’ll need coffee to go with the delicious cake you’ve picked out….Serve your guests an environmentally sound cup of organic coffee after the main course. Check out Rogers Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company. They have a wide variety of blends from all over the world, some as close as Central America. All of their products are grown organically and adhere to fair trade practices. I like Arthur’s Blend, which is a full-flavored blend of African, South American, and Central American beans. You can purchase a 2-pound bag for $16.99.
(That’s cheaper than starbucks and you’ll have left overs!)

Created by Haitian artists from recycled metal drums, these votive candle holders are just the right size for table centerpieces or wedding party gifts.
$19.99 at Are Naturals

It’s hard to believe it, but you’re looking at a windshield. It’s just amazing that something so beautiful could come from someone’s discarded trash…

The stylish design will look great as a base for small centerpieces at your reception, or even as a candy or condiment dish on a buffet table. When the wedding is over, pack them up and use them as trendy drinking glasses in your home. What a great way to get extra use out of that old car!
$22.00 for a set of 2 at Uncommon Goods

Skip the wrapping paper for your wedding party gifts. These beautiful gift bags are a great way to wrap your gifts in an earth-friendly way. They’re made right here in the US (Oregon, to be specific). That means they have a low carbon footprint in shipping them. Both the bag and ribbon are made of organic cotton. Plus, they’re so pretty, it’s a sure thing they’ll be reused. This and other styles are available.
$17.99 for a set of 3 bags each a different size at Lucky Crow

It’s hot to be green! You’re spending so much time planning your green wedding, but don’t forget about the special details of your wedding night. Most importantly, what are you going to wear?! You’ll be eco-friendly in this hot little number, made of 90% organic cotton. It’s made in the US, with US (and Turkish) grown cotton. You probably won’t be wearing it for long, but while you do, you’ll feel great knowing it’s green.
$55.00 at Faeries Dance

A possible way to get your candid shots without the eco-heavy guilt??
A disposable camera on every table at the reception… that’s a lot of waste! Someone cleverly found a way to make those disposable cameras re-usable. All the inside stuff has been refurbished, and the outside is made of heavy-duty cardstock. So they will work like a brand new disposable camera, and won’t have a recycled look. Available in pastel pink and white. Personally, if I wanted a bunch of candid shots, I’d skip these disposable cameras and tell all my friends and family to bring their digital cameras. Then after the wedding, I’d email account information at flickr, photobucket, picassa …or something similar….then everyone could have fun uploading their shots and seeing everyone else’s photos.
$3.49 each at The Knot

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