April 2006

Green Ridge Herbals

These are beautiful to look at and 100% natural, handcut and wrapped. Vegan, too.

Found at Green Ridge Herbals 

Fun story over at smartmoney.com about purchasing a used wedding dress.

Tells the story of a woman who got a $4000.00 wedding dress for $500.00.  woo hoo!!


[via The Evangelical Ecologist]

soy candle
Hand crafted from 100% beeswax, flowers, leaves, and ferns. Each signed by the artist that produced it. Each contains a hand poured candle Recycled gift box with recycled shredded paper included.

Great classic shape (think Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress), side zip, bias cut. 55% hemp and 45% silk. Comes in red, black and champagne.

$198.00 at Earth Speaks

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